Meeshie Nguyen
Meeshie is a single mommy of the cutest 3 year- old boy Maddox. She is a full time Senior Financial Analyst (by day ) who founded D-Lux Events in 2009 – an organization that creates events for non-profits and run by volunteers – her passion to #GiveBack in her “free time”. She is also the co-founder of The Live Well Project (www.thelivewellproject.org ) which empowers, inspires, and motivates young teenage girls to live a healthy lifestyle.

Patricia Karp
With a passion for nutrition and a dedication to fitness, Patricia spends most of days discovering new ways to stay healthy and keep her kids healthy. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology where she also took classes in nutrition. She believes in order to understand the nutrition and fitness habits of others, you first need to understand the person. She is now a personal trainer and a weight management specialist who is eager to empower others and help them discover a healthier and happier lifestyle. With a little support and encouragement anything can happen!

Mia Foster
Mia Foster
Mia Foster is a part-time stay at home mom of two boys and works full-time as an Engineering Specialist.  She currently resides in Elk Grove, CA where afflictions of wanderlust often leave her in a state of restlessness and discontent.  While balancing a healthy lifestyle with motherhood, wifely duties, and work life, Mia continues to seek self-actualization through physical, emotional, and spiritual growth – one of her biggest fears is complacency.  A self-proclaimed continuous learner and truth seeker with the heart of an activist, Mia aspires to travel more, inspire more, and spread the truth of the No Excuse philosophy.

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