Week One: Hydration!

Blog week 1: Hydration
Over the last week it has become painfully obvious that the first obstacle I must overcome is my lack of hydration…
I’ve really gotten out of the habit of drinking water. I didn’t realize how bad it had become until I started bring more than enough water with me for work then not actually be able to drink it all. Maybe it wasn’t that I wasn’t able to, but just the fact that I wasn’t thinking about drinking it.
Before breakfast, I am drinking one glass of water. Then I would start out with three, 16 ounce bottles to take along in the car with me. But… I only end up drinking one of them for an entire 8 hour shift. The problem wasn’t what I thought it was, (which is my lack of bathrooms). So far it’s actually been pretty easy to find a place to use one lol. (For those of you on the road, I find coffee shops, restaurants and fast food chain bathrooms MUCH better to stop at than most gas stations…) But even while sitting there driving and doing nothing except listen to music, I just don’t think about drinking water anymore. After a couple of days at the same thing happening, I went home and found a water jug that I had made last year, which has lines on it and theoretical amount I should drink throughout the day. Which, by the way, it was very eye opening to see the gallon not go down very far as you feel three water bottles full… there was a time when I was really drinking a whole gallon of water every single day and I can’t even imagine coming close to that at this point in time. I understand things like this are a process, and really my job doesn’t lend to drinking a gallon of water every day… but we all have to start somewhere.
On the plus side, I lost exactly two pounds this week. Although I don’t want to focus too much on the scale, it’s great to see it budge so soon and with so many imperfections in my eating and water intake. Historically, my weight loss has been as slow as molasses in January. (no pun intended, even though this is January….) So I am trying to mentally prepare myself for when it may slow down – and have a plan for what to do when it does. The gym three times a week plan was very successful and I am considering pushing it to four times already, but it does surprise me how out of shape I am.
On a side note, I’ve seen many people posting about how they are annoyed at how busy the gym is at this time of year. Yes, it’s true that the “new year’s resolution” crowd is thick… but be kind to them. Be helpful. Encourage them. We all have to start somewhere and maybe some of them will make real life changes. Maybe I am extra sensitive to this right now because I feel like people are probably lumping me back into that category at my gym. Yes, I joined before new years. Yes, I don’t just spend all my time running on the treadmill. But I am still a newer face that is in the gym, trying to get into shape. So, stop judging and start helping. If you are a seasoned gym rat, spread your own knowledge or tell someone when you see progress in them.
Positivity starts in you.
Let that be a part of your own New Years lifestyle.