Region 8 Winner: Michelle Hood

Congrats to our Region 8 winner, Michelle Hood, for dedicating 12 weeks towards self-improvement both externally and internally! She has won $352! Region 8 is led by Jessica Cordova and comprises of Montana, North and South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado. Find a local No Excuse Mom meetup near you by entering your city/state or zip code HERE.
Michelle’s story…
“I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I played sports throughout college and I think that helped me stay in better shape when I was younger. Then I got married. I had children. I found out I have PCOS and am insulin resistant. It helped explain the extra weight and the incredible difficulty I had losing weight. But I let it be an excuse. I told myself that I was bigger because my body didn’t work the way it should. I got caught up in the million things moms get caught up with. School, work, diapers, laundry, putting everyone else’s needs before my own.
When I learned about the 12 week challenge, I immediately said no. I can’t diet, I’ll dry up and not be able to nurse any more. It was totally an excuse. The name of this group is No Excuse Moms, and there I was making yet another excuse. I signed up and wasn’t really planning on telling anyone, so if I failed no one would know. I realized that I HAD to tell people because I needed others to help me stay on track. I started this 12 week challenge with a goal of losing 25 lbs., but not really thinking I would reach it. I was ready to stop dieting if my milk supply dipped even a little bit. I started the Couch to 5k program at the very beginning of the challenge. I have never been a runner. I don’t understand people who run for pleasure. After the first few weeks of running 3 times a week, plus my NEM workout once a week, I started to ….gasp… actually look forward to my quiet time on the treadmill.
Everything started falling in place. I was tracking every work out I completed and every single calorie I ate, good or bad. I weighed myself every morning, because I needed to see the progress. Not only was the weight falling off, but I had more energy. I FELT better. I wanted to work out, I wanted to see how far I could run, and I wanted to DO things.
This 12 week challenge has been more than losing weight for me. I started a business, which has taken off way more than I ever expected. I spend my kids’ naptime running, building, creating, and painting when I used to spend it on the couch. I can’t wait to see where the next 12 weeks take me. I’ve lost 38 lbs. since September 8th and am so excited to continue this journey!
I used to think I should lose weight for my husband and my kids. I wanted to be healthy for them. Now I realize I’m losing weight for ME. I’m making myself a priority, and it’s amazing! I’m happier and more confident than I’ve been in years. I have let go of the excuses and in doing so, realized that I can do anything I set my mind to!”
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