Region 3 Winner: Darcel Carter

Let me start off by saying that I am a 55 year old Mother of 5 Children, I have 7 Grandson’s and 2 Granddaughters.  I have worked for Christiana care for 23 years.
I started this journey of eating healthy and exercising on September 7th, after a Doctor’s visit with my primary care. He told me that my A1C level was getting high, and that I was borderline diabetic. A few days after that appointment I went to visit my Daughter Shante’ Lesoken.   I was talking to her about what the doctor had told me, and that I was going to try and lose some weight.  She told me about this group that she belonged to and about the weight lost challenge that you have. At first I didn’t think I could do it, since I’m here by myself with no support group.  The calls and text to Shante’ everyday all day,  made my journey less stressful for me, probably more stressful for her!!  When she started talking about winning money, I said wow I need to join the challenge to see if I can win some money! Since then with Shante’s guidance, I have started counting calories, meal prepping, drinking more water, exercising, lifting weights and completed a 5K Heart Walk!
What started off for me wanting to win money has ended up with me wanting to be healthy, look good, and continue the regiment that I’ve been following.  I feel good, I look good and I will continue to do everything I’ve done the last 3 months to reach my highest potential.
My start weight was 233lbs, and my weigh in this morning was 212.6, a total of 20.4 lbs. thus far.  My goal weight for the 3 months was 25lbs, although I didn’t reach my goal, my success thus far has me super excited and super determined to reach the 25 lbs. plus!!!! Thank you all so much for all you do, and for this awesome group! Before and after pictures to follow!

Congrats to our Region 3 pot challenge winner,Darcel Carter for being an incredible inspiration and following through on our 12 week challenge! You have $220 extra shopping money this season and we hope you get something extra awesome for yourself! Our No Excuse Moms followed our official NEM program, where they used a fitness calendar, logged in their meals, participated online/in-person and overcame their excuses!