Region 14 NZ/Australia Winner: Samantha Mahon

Congrats to our Region Fourteen 2015 Transformation winner, Samantha Mahon, for dedicating 12 weeks towards self-improvement both externally and internally! Region 14 is led by Roslyn Ryan and it comprises of New Zealand and Australia. Find a local No Excuse Mom meetup near you by entering your city/state or zip code HERE.
Samantha’s story…
“I joined this challenge because I was sick of making excuses for not exercising with three boys one in school , one in kind and one full time at home it was always imp to exhausted , I don’t have the time or my leg can’t handle it. And to change my bad eating habits of just surviving on coffee all day till dinner time. I also wanted to love/find myself again and get back my confidence after having my boys I hated my body and felt ashamed , I also needed to regain strength back in my right leg after having a tumor removed from my thigh while I was 29 weeks pregnant with my youngest ,the tumor went from my hip/groin joint all the way into my knee cap between both muscles crushing my main blood supply and nerves when they removed it they had to take some muscle too so my leg has been really weak. I also wanted to lose some weight and tone plus be fit for my up and coming jaw surgery. After starting this challenge vie made time for myself vie been getting up at 4.40am to hit the gym at 5am 5 days a week and taking the kids along to the no excuse moms workout sessions , as well as running 3-4 kiss a few times a week at night.
This challenge has not only made me love myself/body again it has boosted my confidence and energy (which my fiancé is totally loving) I even have the confidence to wear short shorts it’s been over five years since I have , imp less stressed and have more patience and energy to keep up with my boys even after doing 5am gym sessions. I have also got back into my running one of my loves that I though I wouldn’t be able to get back into after leg surgery. My eating habits have changed drastically to healthy eating six times a day. This challenge has also leaded me to a new passion helping others in their journeys to becoming fit and happy with themselves. I am currently training with a girl at my gym and helping her stay motivated in reaching her goals.
My future goals are to compete in a tough mudder and a mud run after jaw surgery , continue at gym each week , run 10kms and to start studies to become a personal trainer and can’t forget to fit into my dream wedding dress date to be set once healed from jaw surgery.
This has been one hell of a good 12 weeks finding myself and pushing myself way past my limits I have enjoyed every bit of it and have loved the motivation from the no excuse moms groups and have even made some new awesome friends so glad I pushed passed my doubts and signed up imp the happiest I have ever been and fittest all thanks to this awesome challenge. And my leg is stronger than ever!”
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