Region 11 Canadian Winner: Vanessa Verkerk

Congrats to our Region Eleven 2015 Transformation winner, Vanessa Verkerk, for dedicating 12 weeks towards self-improvement both externally and internally! Region 11 is led by Leslee-Ann Martell and comprises of Canada! Find a local No Excuse Mom meetup near you by entering your city/state or zip code HERE.

Vanessa’s story…
“I started this challenge very optimistic with ambitious goals, something I tend to do whenever I start something new… I have the ‘go big or go home’ mentality, which can be good in certain situations, but has often led me to failure in my past ventures with fitness related goals. Then I read Maria Kang’s book and decided to take a closer look at my current lifestyle and chose some realistic, attainable, yet challenging goals. And I did just that – I set out to lose 2lbs per week, exercise 4-5 times per week, encourage my fellow NEM’s with their goals and run 5km without taking a walking break!! Through this challenge I learned a lot, both about myself and how I view health and fitness.
I think often times people tend to focus on what they’ve lost when they talk about their transformation. For example, I was able to reach my goal and lost 23.5 pounds, 19 inches and nearly 10% body fat!! And that’s really great. But I’d have to say I’m a lot more proud of what I’ve gained over the last 12 weeks…
I gained a tremendous support group, both locally and internationally, of women on the same journey as me. Fighting the hard fight to win themselves back!!
I gained a new confidence in myself. I truly can do it if I put my mind to it. I have done so many yo-yo diets and tried so many quick fixes. This time I dedicated myself to each day, that’s it. And I did it. I wasn’t always perfect, but I remained consistent.
I gained many many miles on my runners. I can honestly say that when I started training to run 5km, I thought I had chosen an unrealistic and hopeless goal – I could barely run for 2-3 minutes without needing a break. But I stuck with it. I started a running program and I committed myself to sticking with it. I ran and walked 2-3 times every week for the entire 12 weeks. And on Sunday, November 23 – I RAN 5KM WITHOUT NEEDING A WALKING BREAK (in less than 35mins)!!
I gained back some of my self-esteem. I feel a lot better when I look in the mirror now. My clothes fit better, I feel fitter.
And most importantly I gained more energy, more zest for life. As a mom of 3 boys (9 years, 6 years and 8 months old!!) I need a lot of energy to keep up with them! Through consistent effort and healthy daily choices I gained back what feels like years on my life. I have more time and energy to spend with the most important people in my life!!
I’m so proud of my accomplishments over the last 12 weeks. I surprised myself by sticking with it for 3 whole months and I now know that I can keep on going. My journey has just begun!! And I’m not going to let any excuses get in my way!!”
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