Region 10 Winner: Natalie Grace Kohn

Congrats to our Region Ten 2015 Transformation winner, Natalie Grace Kohn, for dedicating 12 weeks towards self-improvement both externally and internally! She has won $352! Region 10 is formally led by Sarah Floyd and comprises of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Alaska. Find a local No Excuse Mom meetup near you by entering your city/state or zip code HERE.
Natalie’s story…
“At 2 months post-partum with my 4th son (ages 5, 4, 2 and a newborn!), I was sickly, overweight and unhappy with my body. I had gained 70 lbs. during my pregnancy. I was overwhelmed and felt like I couldn’t pull myself out of the rut I found myself in.
I was hovering at 202 lbs. after giving birth which was more than I had ever weighed! On the 18th of August 2015 I was crying to my husband, worried that he no longer found me attractive.
“I don’t care what size you are or how much you weigh” he said, “what I find most attractive is you working towards your goals and making progress each day no matter how small!”
His words seriously changed my life that day.
The next day on August 19th I began my journey. I took photos and measurements, began working out and eating better. I was far from perfect with my nutrition and I struggled with my workouts, barely being able to get them finished before feeling like collapsing.
I battled on, one day at a time….
The NEM 12 week challenge popped up very shortly after I began my journey. At first I thought I wouldn’t do it because I assumed I would fail miserably and embarrass myself. Somehow I made the commitment to stop with the excuses. I signed up before I could change my mind!
So I began the challenge….
The weight and inches began melting off! I felt stronger and more capable and I kept pushing forward. There were days I had a million excuses but I pushed through them all and stuck to my workout plan. My mood boosted, my self-confidence skyrocketed and I began enjoying my workouts and even looking forward to them!
I was working on my nutrition but still struggling with getting my macros right. I went from 200 down to 190 in the course of about 10 weeks. I really needed to change things up because my weight was plateauing at 190 lbs. I cut out sugar completely, upped my protein and the weight began melting off again!!! I am so proud to say that I am currently 186 lbs. from 200 lbs. in August! I have lost over 12 inches since August. My clothes are fitting looser, my muscles are beginning to pop and I feel like one sexy mama!
I am proud of what I accomplished in 3 months. I still have a way to go, but I remind myself that slow and steady wins the race! The NEM group really helped keep me going! Thank you to every single lady who cheered me on! My mantra is now “no excuses” when I feel like I just can’t finish that last pushup or am too tired for that late night workout…”
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