Region 1 Winner: Kelly James

Congrats to our Region 1 2015 Transformation winner, Kelly James, for dedicating 12 weeks towards self-improvement both externally and internally! She has won $352!  Region 1 is led by Jennifer Dillon and comprises of Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Find a local No Excuse Mom meetup near you by entering your city/state or zip code HERE.
Kelly’s story…
“My name is Kelly. I am 34 years old and a Mom to 2 amazing boys age 5 & 8. I work 60+ hours a week as a LPN and I am a den leader for my sons Cub Scout pack! I have always struggled with my weight, but things had gotten way out of control! . It is hard to believe that at 34 years old, I struggled with so many daily tasks such as taking the stairs, keeping up with my kids, putting my shoes on without sitting down, and suffering with knee and foot pain on a daily basis. I struggled with overeating and food addiction. I was constantly tired and had no energy. I was scared, felt defeated and really felt like if I don’t change something I’m not going to be around to watch my kids grow up… It hit me hard as I realized that I was killing myself slowly! I wanted and needed to get healthy. and now! I have tried so many different diets and they all work temporarily, but I always gain the weight back. I was ready to set all of my excuses aside and make a change for good!
This No Excuse Mom challenge has helped me to take a different approach. This time it was about staying committed and changing my lifestyle it was about teaching my boys healthy habits and getting our bodies moving more! It was not so much about the number on the scale, but feeling healthier and not giving up! Since starting this challenge I have gone on 3 hikes with cub scouts and had a blast! This is something I used to dread, but not anymore. It’s actually a lot of fun and a great workout! I work out at home several days a week and my boys even sometimes join me! I also meet up with one of my sisters at the gym go to Zumba on Saturday mornings. I need that accountability! I take the stairs at work every day and my knee pain is gone! We are all eating much healthier and drinking more water. I didn’t think that I would ever be able to drink this much water and be okay with it (I used to drink Diet Pepsi all day long!) I have lost 15 lbs and my clothes ae feeling loose! I am not going to say these past 12 weeks have been easy, but it has all been worth it! I have learned not to give up on myself. I have created lots of new and healthy habits and I feel better than I have in a long time! I want to say thank you to my NEM leader Jennifer Dillon for encouraging me along the way and convincing me not to give up! and to Maria Kang! You have helped to save my life! I have a long way to get where I need to be, but I am ready to take on the challenge!”
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