Re-Introducing No Excuse Mom Lori

I am writing today to say hello.
For those of you who don’t know me, I am a no excuse mom. In fact, I am one of the two creators of the No Excuse Mom Facebook group… Maria and myself.
For those of you who do remember me, I’ve been on a very long hiatus. In May of 2014 my life changed forever and not for the better. After ten years married and 15 years together, my marriage fell apart. Before I knew what was happening, I found myself a single mom with little money to stretch over the bills, little support to take care of my daughter and very little motivation to make any effort to exercise or eat right. I stepped away from No excuse Mom when everything became overwhelming shortly after.
Several massive things were happening inside of me and I found myself with a huge change in priorities.  Although health and fitness had been a huge part of my life, they simply weren’t any more. When things started to change, it just couldn’t be. Things were shifting.  I had many things to deal with and I had huge decisions to make.
In the midst of my life changes I lost who I was. In fact, I questioned everything that I ever knew. I went through a very dark time of depression and anxiety that ultimately led to healing, but it seemed like a never ending road. The latter part of 2015 has brought be back to a place of re-discovery. And I have learned that health and fitness is completely something that I have a passion for and No Excuse Mom will always be a part of me. I had a vision for what it would become and I am here to complete that vision.
I admittedly have a long way to go to get to a point of health, though. I hate to admit it, but over the course of the last year and a half, I reverted back to my pre-healthy habits of munching constantly, eating unhealthy foods and not making time for exercise… which has led to a much higher number on the scale, bigger clothes and a pretty out of shape body.
I’m not much of a fan of waiting for the new year or even waiting for Monday to get started on something… so as soon as I realized that I had enough money in my budget, I signed up for the gym two weeks ago.  I started last week with improved eating habits and took my first progress pictures, measurements and scale weight on January 1st.
Over the next few months, I plan to do several things. But as a single mom and where I have landed myself currently in life, I have some very specific obstacles to overcome.  I feel the need to write out each of these obstacles and my plan to overcome them. First and foremost, is my title as “mom” or more importantly, “single mom” which lends to the challenge of potentially limited time and money, plus I have found myself completely prioritizing her eating over my own. My time with her is very valuable. She goes to her dad’s house every weekend on Thursday and Friday nights, which leaves me with three days that I can guarantee that I can get to the gym without impacting my time with her: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning before I pick her up. I also have the option on shorter workdays, to get to the gym before picking her up from daycare. Which brings me to obstacle number two: my job. I am currently working in home health, which means I work from my car all day long. I have no fridge to keep cold foods in, no microwave or stove to make foods hot, no easily accessible bathroom and I drive all over northeast Ohio with sometimes an hour between patients depending on where they are located. Plus, it lends to being a pretty sedentary job except for walking into and out of people’s houses. On the positive side, I earn enough to have a part time job (still up to 35 hours a week) but my hours are flexible and I make my own schedule. Despite being part time, because of the driving I am often not home until 5, which leaves me 3 hours with my daughter before bedtime. Over the last year and a half, I’ve found it easiest to just go to bed near when she does so that I get more sleep and then I wake up relatively early and have some quiet morning time before she wakes up. On that note, I am NOT good at first thing in the morning workouts. I need my coffee, I like to read and wake up slowly, relaxed. Adding morning workouts have never been successful for me, even when my life was less complicated. While I can give it a shot, it is not something I can bank on because of my own personality and preferences. Which bring me to obstacle number three… myself. I not only have reverted to my munching habits, but it takes good motivation to make time for meal prep, make time to get to the gym and I have the habit of sometimes being a procrastinator… Listed below is the plan for each potential obstacle:

  • Role as Mommy: I have already budgeted out my gym membership… I am 100% more likely to workout at the gym and way more motivated in a gym environment. The question then becomes WHEN to go. As I stated before, I can guarantee time on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. So my base workout is three times a week of weight training. However, I will attempt to make it one additional time of the week, which will be a interval cardio training day. If I am unable to make it to the gym, the fourth day will be a home workout. Because she is with her dad, Thursday night is meal planning night and Saturday morning is meal prep day.
  • My Job: Since I will be planning and prepping my meals, this takes care of my overall eating. However, there is still the issue of no fridge or microwave (or bathroom). I will be scouring the internet for good cold meals and using an ice pack in my lunch bag. Since it’s winter, this should be good enough. Bathrooms are just a planning issue and knowing where I can stop that is clean…
  • Myself: I do good with goals, planning and enough variation to not get bored (with eating or workouts) My goals will be listed next, my plans are above and as far as variation, I will be changing my workout plan every 4-6 weeks and reassessing my meal plan monthly.

Goals for January:

  • Gym three days a week, one home workout
  • Have active rest days when not working out (yoga, walking, playing with my daughter)
  • Lose 8 pounds (2 pounds per week)
  • Inspire someone at the gym

Join me as I take this journey back to health and fitness, not only to improve myself, but to be a good example for my daughter and build a legacy of health for her. That was always my greatest motivation and remains so.
Here’s to health.
Here’s to building a legacy.
Here’s to new beginnings.