Quick & Easy SNACKS for your child’s classroom!

Hey NEMs!

I signed up to bring morning and afternoon snack to Maddox’s class of 21 kids this week!  Since I’m limited on time in the evenings I wanted to make both snacks quickly but still have fun and be creative.  

Here is how I made the AM SNACK…




IMG_1563   IMG_1570 IMG_1564   IMG_1565


Now it’s time to conjure up the PM SNACK!  

I LOVE going on Pinterest to get healthy snack ideas!  Doesn’t this one look so FUN???


Here’s how I made the PM SNACK…


As you saw from the video, I decided to “do it my way”  😉   LOL!!!  (It’s not too bad right???)


You can also use these quick snack ideas for play dates or to take with you at  your NEM workout meet-ups!  🙂


REMEMBER (I know you know this):

  • When handling food that others will consume be sure to always wash your hands and use items to help you scoop (I used one of Maddox’s plastic cups to get the goldfish out of the box)
  • Be sure to wash fruit/foods thoroughly



Have a recipe that you would like to share on our No Excuse Mom website?

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