Stay Home Virtual Race 2020

$25.00 $10.00

Virtual 5k/10k



With 2020 being extra crazy, it’s more important for us to stay home, stay active and stay sane! What better way to do this than to set a fitness goal and completing it by the end of our quarantine! You can set your distance, whether its 5k or 10k! We’ve included training guides to help get you stronger as you complete each week. Let’s commemorate and remember this season of our lives by dedicating ourselves towards a healthy goal and getting a wooden medal! All proceeds benefit our nonprofit, Fitness without Borders and your local No Excuse Mom community!!!

Open to Everyone

You can run outside, on the treadmill, walk, jog or push a jogger! You go at your own pace! Track your run using a smart phone app like Nike Running, Run Keeper and Map My Run. We operate on the honor system and trust our participants are honest about their times.

HOW: Choose the distance of race you’d like to participate in then register HERE. You will be sent a confirmation email and given a link with a downloadable Bib to wear during your run as well as training programs. Please post pictures and support other runners through your own social media pages, the online Facebook page, or on your local group page and hashtag #stayhomestayactive #noexcusemom and/or #runforareason2020 or your local community hashtag on all social media platforms.

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