NEM 12-week Journal

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Our 12-week daily journal is 135-pages of focus, discipline, gratitude and positive affirmations. There is a limited supply so please order NOW.

This journal is sponsored by California Family Fitness! They offer childcare, group classes, special events, personal training and have 19 locations in the CA area!

NEM Communities included in this journal are: Jacksonville, Tanyard Cove, Elk Grove, Fort Campbell, Culpeper, Czech Republic, Montgomery County, Alameda, Rokytnice, Fort Meade, Austin, St. Germain, Howard County, Hayward, Colorado Springs, Newport News, Rancho Cordova, Kitsap, Sierra Vista and Tewksbury.

135-page guided 12-week journal sponsored by California Family Fitness
This journal focuses on affirmations, gratitude and goal setting.
Measuring progress is key to your success
We believe in balance in all areas. You will be focused not just on fitness but all areas of your life.
You will receive quotes, tips and advice on how to fully use this journal.
Each week you will re-affirm your long-term and short term goals.
There are 84 unique pages for each day of your 12 week journey. Each day focuses on your task list, gratitude and documents your food, fitness and water intake. Below are power words to remember as you transform your old habits to better ones.
Each week you will reflect on your journey every Sunday. These reflections will focus on what you did and what you want to do better. Keep in mind that nothing ever goes as planned, it’s how we adapt and stay in a state of gratitude that matters.
This is our back page! All our NEM community images are in color. This is our first NEM 12 week journal! Hope you enjoy.