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    I, [text-48], have voluntarily enrolled in the No Excuse Mom Group located in [text-50] (Location).

    Fitness without Borders and Maria Kang LLC
    (800) 348-5318 | |

    I, [text-800], am the owner, photographer, and copyright holder of these

    images of [text-801] taken on [date-305].

    I grant Maria Kang and Fitness without Borders to make reproductions of my photo for marketing and social media related purposes or advertisement for the No Excuse Mom groups.

    This print release does not transfer any intellectual property to Maria Kang and Fitness without Borders. Use of these images for any purpose other than specified in this document is prohibited.

    Name: [text-802]

    Email: [email-460]

    Child’s name(s): [text-803]

    City: [text-806]

    State/Province: [text-807]

    Country: [text-808]

    Phone Number:

    Phone Number:[tel-805]

    Date: [date-306]

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