Overall 2015 Winner: Keeley Connely

Congrats to our 2015 Overall leader winner Keeley Connely! Keeley hails from Maryland, which is led by Regional Manager, Barbie Caulder. She shares this achievement with Chicago’s local leader, Amanda Rose. Our NEM administration team comprises of regional managers, local leaders, industry experts and online admins. We are very proud of all our leaders who participated. She is one of three overall winners this year and will be awarded $3,520!
Keeley’s story…
“Before having children, I didn’t take fitness seriously. I easily lost weight just from ditching a night out with friends or going for a walk. I was also happy with my curvy body – it was tight and cute. After the birth of my first son, everything changed for me drastically. My stomach completely detached from my stomach muscles, and I gained over 50 lbs. They did not go away from breastfeeding either. I struggled. When I finally started to see a difference, I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd son. I made a game plan. I kept on meal planning, going on long walks and working out for as long as I could handle it. I had some minor set backs such as sciatic nerve issues. I never was a runner or a weight lifter, but I researched and read all of the success stories about how weights helped with weight loss. Once I got approval from my doctor, I started a clean eating meal plan from Oxygen magazine paired with a weight/circuit routine. I saw results
immediately. I was incredibly happy. My weight was lower than it had ever been. Then, my second child learned how to walk. My eldest started to get angry about sharing his toys. Breastfeeding issues began. The sheer stress no change to my diet or work out plan. I gained 15 lbs. I was heartbroken. I looked at my stomach, at how it sagged from my navel, and at all the excess skin from both weight loss and the detachment issues. I felt like all the work was for nothing. I couldn’t wear a bikini. I didn’t even feel attractive anymore. My work out group started to diminish as the months grew colder. I lost motivation.
Before I knew it, Spring was here, and I was right back where I started. I looked at my stomach and at what my children and I were eating. I couldn’t believe how depression had ruined the way I lived my life. I used to make homemade meals and now we were eating boxed macaroni and cheese. What was this? Facebook notifications about what I was doing last year popped up on my screen. I saw the strawberry walnut arugula salad that my 1 year old happily ate with me. This is what I used to do and what I needed to do again. I went through my pantry and threw everything into a bag to donate to Manna Food.
I started my work out groups again once a week at a local park, and people started to come! One by one, they told their friends and new people came. It was such an exciting feeling! Once I saw the 12 week transformation contest, I knew this was my chance. I would stay motivated, help motivate my group with my progress, and show them that it works! Here I am, 3 months later, 20 lbs. down, and I actually completed a 5K running the entire time! Who knew?! My group has grown tremendously. We now meet 3 times a week with a nice steady group of 6-7 moms. We all motivate each other. They help keep me on track also. I look forward to continuing to move forward and to enter this contest yet again next year with MUSCLE GAIN aspirations.”
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