Our Program

No Excuse Moms is a supportive group of women who prioritize health. It was created by
Maria Kang and led by a team of volunteers including our online admins, regional managers,
local leaders and NEM experts. We don’t believe in quick fad diets, the newest workout craze
or abiding by any specific diet rule. We believe in: DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU, just don’t
stop working.

All of us are at different fitness levels. Some of us are marathon runners, others have a goal to
run a 5k. Some are fitness competitors, others have a goal to lose 100lbs. Some like to follow a
Paleo diet, are gluten intolerant, can’t consume lactose, or are addicted to wine and chocolate.
Regardless of your goal, ALL of us are women who understand how tough it is to prioritize

health in the midst or work, school, family and events. Even deeper – it’s tough to follow
through when you’re stressed, depressed, anxious or unmotivated.

That’s why we are all here.

Regardless of where we are in our personal fitness, in order to get there or stay there, it requires
us to continue STRIVING. That means, you don’t have to be perfect. You don’t have to follow a
strict diet. You don’t have to have the best workouts. BUT, you have to keep striving to become
the best person you can be! Your best is different in your 20s, 30s, 40s…with kids…without
kids..with work…travel…health issues…injuries…hormonal fluctuations (you get the point!)

Some of you need a baseline to begin your journey – so the program below is written just for
you! You’ll notice there’s not too many specifics because as I mentioned above, you need to find
what work for you, however, here are some guidelines in our No Excuse Mom program that you
can take with you.

NEM Guidelines:
1. Find a sustainable diet that works for you. Eat enough calories to sustain your system.
2. When you begin your journey, stay accountable by writing down your intake.
3. Move your body 3-4 times a week (or more)
4. Focus on your water intake.
5. Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime
6. Document your progress
7. Emphasize on core training every Tuesday
8. Splurge 1-2 times a week and promote personal self care.

Exercise Guidelines:
1. Warm up for five minutes before strength training
2. Stretch after you warm up/workout
3.Use proper form : shoulders back, stomach drawn in, hips squared, back slightly arched, knees
straight ahead.
4. Plan a complete weekly program that includes cardio, strength and flexibility training.
5. Stay hydrated at all times.

Diet Guidelines:
1. Don’t starve yourself. Get to know calories and how much is in the foods you consume. If you
are beginning, start by cutting your consumption for unhealthy foods in half.
2. Focus on sustainability and remove the “all or nothing” mindset often found in fad dieting.
3. Limit your intake of high-calorie, sugary drinks.
4. Limit your alcohol intake as it will impede progress. A little bit won’t hurt, but a lot, will.
5. Drink water but add lemon to it if needed. The acidity in lemons helps balance and detoxifies
the body.
6. Plan your splurges, but the day after your treat meal, get right back on track.
7. Consider preparing your meals in advance.

Personal Guidelines:
1. Create a successful environment, whether it’s removing junk food, joining a NEM community
or committing to a healthier lifestyle with your partner.
2. Create Accountability by identifying a mentor, a supporter and a follower.
3. Befriend other people who are on a similar journey, via the No Excuse Mom community.
4. Write down your long term, specific goals and secure it in a place you see every day.
5. Utilize the power of the Imagination. Envision what you want every day. Envision your day,
your meals, your workouts and your positive attitude every morning.
6. Write down motivational quotes and post it in places that will assist you in making better
7. Reflect on your past Excuses.

Was it lack of time? Lack of support? Stress? What was it?? Most often, the end answer is ‘lack
of motivation’
…..because if you truly wanted it, you would make it happen. Regardless of excuse. I suggest
you find what has prohibited you from succeeding in the past and create action plans on how to
battle them in the future. Sometimes you will fail in the battle, but you get up and try again, and
again and again…until you master the ‘excuses’ that prevents you from progressing.

For a more complete book, you can order to No More Excuses Diet Book here.