No More Excuses Spring Challenge 2017 1st Place Winner is…..

Congratulations to Nikki Hill for winning the No More Excuses Challenge! We had so many great entries this quarter and it was really a difficult choice. Thank you to our panel for making this hard decision, with summer around the corner, everyone who completed the challenge is a winner in our book!
For winning, Nikki will receive:

  • $500 Gift Certificate to her favorite store
  • Terra-Core home trainer
  • Tiger Fitness Exclusive Vitamin/Supp Stack
  • 3 PT sessions w/ Vanessa Campos
  • Official NEM Apparel
  • Signed Belly Ball
  • X Bands Exercise KitHere is her story!

At age 21, and 320 pounds, I had my most successful weight loss at 110 pounds in 8 months. Yes, you read that right… I did it by cutting calories to 1200 and working out 3 hours a day. 1 year later, I found myself 23 and 305 pounds. Needless to say, quick fixes are a BAD IDEA.
What did it for me you’re wondering? What made me turn my life around? The answer is my kids.
My motivation is to make my kids childhood easier than mine. I struggled with bad habits at an early age. Snacking all day, eating when I wasn’t hungry, and let’s not forget drinking 2-3 sodas a day. I was never taught proper nutrition and fitness, so I’m learning about it now and leading by example so my kids grow up with it as their norm. My kids also motivate me to work on my endurance so I can keep up with them (ages 2 & 4) I get up at 4:30am 6 days a week (was 3-5 before this challenge!). When I started this challenge I thought my endurance was fine, but then I realized I couldn’t do 5 minutes at level 3 on the Stairmaster. Now I can do 60 minutes at level 5!
My strength is found by trying to do better than I did last week. Strength is an amazing feeling, I’m addicted to the sweat, and another rep. I went from hating to do squats in general, to squatting with 145 pounds on my back.
My vice is that darn scale. I recently learned when I see a number on the scale, it does something to me, whether it’s higher or lower, it doesn’t matter, that scale is 0 motivation, and provides an incredible amount of discouragement. To combat this, I don’t step on the scale more than once a month. I still use it as a tool, but every time I step on it, it’s along with measuring my body fat percentage and my measurements, which consistently go down, so the scale is at best an interesting gauge to how much muscle I’ve gained.
What I’ve learned about my body is it is incredibly strong. In 12 weeks, I went from doing 20 push-ups to 50. A 52 second plank, to 90 seconds, a 14:23 mile to 11:44. I went from 95 pound deadlifts to 135 pounds, 100 pound squats to 145 pounds, 95 pound bench press to 115 pounds, and I even got up to 420 pounds on the leg press!
The biggest thing I’ll take away from this 12-week challenge is to track my progress in all areas, not focus on the scale, and take pictures! I am a rock star, and while pounds may not be falling off, the fat around my waist, legs and arms sure are, take a look at the before/after, a picture is worth a thousand words, even though I can only write 500! ?