No More Excuses Challenge Spring 2016 winner is…..

Congrats to Chelsey Hudson-Meyer for winning the No More Excuses Challenge! We had many great entries this quarter and it was really a difficult choice. Thank you to our panel for making this hard decision, with summer around the corner, everyone who completed the challenge is a winner in our book!
Our challenge included a NEM tank, online consultation with Maria Kang, an exercise guide and recommended meal plan. For winning, Chesley will receive $1,000 worth of prizes including;
– $500 Gift Certificate (place TBD)
– $100 Gift Card to Affitnity workout clothing
– Executive Six Pack Laptop Bag ($200 value, it’s so cool, click here)
– X Bands Exercise Kit, includes suspension straps, resistance bands ($50 value)
– Quest Nutrition Bars, Shaker Cup and Protein ($50 value)
– Official NEM Apparel: Sweater, Hat, Visor, Tank ($100 value)
In 12 week she lost 24lbs and went from 220lbs to 196lbs. “That is exactly what it was. A challenge.  I thought it might have been easier than it was, but I proved myself wrong.   It was a lot of hard work and a ton of discipline.”
Chelsea’s workout calendar.
Her story:
Let us start with my body.  My arms, legs, tummy and face all seem thinner, but that’s not the best part… I am STRONGER.  I can do things I couldn’t before.  I can LIFT, I can JOG, I can PLAY.  My fitness level has jumped from a couch potato to a mommy that plays with her kids and can run around with them without being out of breath.  I did this for them.  I am a better mom now because of this.  My daughter told me “Mom, I am proud of you.”  From my 6 year old daughter who works out with me, that meant the world to me!!
Next, my confidence…. CLOTHES FIT ME.  They don’t just sit there and make me uncomfortable.  I don’t have to pull my shirt away from my body every time I sit down…  I feel GREAT in my clothes!  Feeling confident in how I look shouldn’t matter a lot, but it does, it really does.  When I look great, I feel great and when I feel great I look great.  It goes hand in hand!
Next, and maybe most important of all, my health has improved.  I FEEL great, inside and out.  If I am not fit and healthy or if I don’t take care of myself, who will?  I did this for my family, but in the end it turned out to be my greatest physical accomplishment yet.  I am fit, I am strong, I am healthy again.  I have waited my whole adult life to feel this way again.  I am proud of me.
I am a NO EXCUSE MOM and I DID IT!!!
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