No More Excuses Campaign! (how to join!)

If you resolve RIGHT NOW to drop your excuses, you have already passed the first test in being part of the No More Excuses movement. Many of you have seen the powerful, uplifting and inspiring pictures streaming on Facebook recently and here’s your chance to tell your story in the same motivational voice. CLICK HERE for a DROPBOX of over a hundred images of No More Excuses Photos!


1. Take a fun and powerful picture
2. Post it over THIS TEMPLATE. Here are the PSD and JPEG files
3. Bullet point your excuses, reasons and successes!
4. Include your name (over the url: )
5. For all you photoshop savvy people here’s what you need to know:
Caption Font: Dirty Ego
Bullet point Font: Arial Narrow
Red Color: f62c25
Blue Color: 40a7bf
6. When you post please be encouraging and say words like,
“My reasons are bigger than my Excuses”
“If I can do it, so can you”
7. Hashtag #nomoreexcuses (and #mariakang if you want!) so we can keep tabs of your beautiful photos and possibly share also! And please don’t forget to include so people can find more info about our various No Excuse groups and official book!
8. Lastly, send me an email of the jpeg pic titled you FIRST and LAST name at so I can add to our official Dropbox of campaign images.

How to create a white background? Watch this simple photoshop tutorial HERE>
If you have any questions, please email us at









3 Replies to “No More Excuses Campaign! (how to join!)”

  1. All these moms are awesome!This is the best movement EVER! I just wish you could fix the top picture of the mom who rappels once month so you could see her face. Can your tech fix that? It just looks like a picture of her boobs and her boys and some rope.

  2. When I started my journey I weighed 210lbs I am down 176lbs today. I started with Jenny Craig still on their program until I hit my goal weigh beween 155 & 160 I’m starting at the gym can’t wait to see all my results!! I have stuggled just like a lot of people with my weight I have been & down though out this journey it’s been a hard ride but I will get there

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