No More Excuses 12-week Challenge

In 12 weeks our goal is to transform. In The No More Excuses Diet it takes 3 days to bust excuses, 3 weeks to develop habits and 3 months to transform. Will you see results sooner? Yes. But, if you want to make lasting change, break up achievable short-term goals into quarters. Just like in business, seasons and even a child’s growth, you cannot expect change to happen rapidly. This is not a quick fix. This is the beginning of a true lifestyle change. By July 2015 our goal is to be in a different place physically, mentally and spiritually. So start your engines! Let’s get started!

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2. How do I get access to the downloadable calendars and charts? To learn how to create an Action calendar click here. For the blank calendar template (print 3) click here.  For the progress chart click here.

3. Do I need to follow all the ‘rules’? No, they are guidelines. Adjust to your capabilities.

4. Do I need The No More Excuses Diet Book to join? No, but it is highly recommended as it provides education about meal structuring and calorie/macronutrient calculations. It also has home workouts (with illustrations) and troubleshooting techniques. It is available wherever books are sold including Target, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and Amazon (in ebook/hardback).

5. It’s past April 6th can I still join? You can join at ANY time. Get your calendars and progress charts ready, take a before selfie, start hashtagging #nomoreexcusesdiet and get started!

6. When does the 12 weeks end? June 28th! Our goal is to rock confidently in swimsuits on July 4th!

7. What are the Guidelines? SEE BELOW:


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