No Excuse Water Challenge 2015 Results!

It was 30 days of Water for many people this past August! We asked that you abstain from drinking soda, juice and alcohol. We wanted you to drink enough water that accounted for at least half your body weight in ounces. We wanted you to track your progress and see if adding more clean fluid into your system would help weight loss, clearer skin, better digestion and higher energy levels.
Well, the results are in! Thank you to all who participated! All of you do an incredible job in committing yourself to 30 days of water! Our top Three Finishers are as follows:
1) Kate Hardman
Kate H I participated in the challenge last year and had amazing results! I kept up on my water intake for months! This spring life happened and stress creeped in and my water (and food for that matter) went down the tube. I was excited to see a new challenge to kind of kick my butt back in gear!
I’ve lost 2 pound! I also cleaned up my eating a bit this month so the weightless could be from either. But my headaches lessened! I’ve been experiencing stress migraines and I had far fewer in the last couple weeks than normal. But my skin. Oh my skin! I’ve always had terribly dry skin. And I’m absolutely terrible about putting on lotion. But I’ve noticed that, on my body, I haven’t looked quite so pasty and flaky – my face is wonderful! I was starting to see lines in my forehead! They’re gone! The dark circles around my eyes are a bit smaller. I developed some redness in spots on my face and those are gone! The acne that was trying to creep in (again due to the stress) is gone! And just today, a regular at the gym came up to me and commented on how wonderful my skin looked! She even stroked my face because she said it just looked so soft! Ha! (And I wasn’t wearing makeup!) My body is back on a regular digestion schedule, my stress has declined and
I followed the challenge faithfully aside from one day… I drank a glass of orange juice. It was in the beginning and I didn’t realize what I had done until the glass was empty. Otherwise just straight water and my unsweetened tea!
2) Crystal Garcia
I’ve always drank water but not ever nearly as much as I should have. I would drink soda on occasion as well as sugary drinks. When this challenge came around I thought I was going to die without my sugary drinks. But in about 3 days those started to fade away. In my before picture I would drink maybe 60 ounces of water and that was a good day! Now I drink 110-120 ounces of water every day depending on my workouts and things. I started at 232 the beginning of August and now I’m at 224. Also along with the pounds I lost 3 inches!! Tons more energy to keep up with my 3 boys! This is my own motivation I need to keep going!!
3) Ivana Xiong

I went from 172lbs to 168lbs. I notice my thighs are slightly smaller, face is slightly smaller, and drinking all this water daily definitely helps improved my digestive system! 🙂
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