No Excuse Mom Online Administrator Appreciation Award: Ashley Aquino Avila

For the month of August, No Excuse Mom is recognizing Ashley Aquino Avila for the No Excuse Mom Online Administrator Appreciation Award!
Ashley has been an Online Administrator since the very beginning of the movement. We have seen her family grow and her dedication to the group and the movement hasn’t slowed down. Ashley was even the first official No Excuse Mom pregnant calendar mom and her pregnancy didn’t stop her from posting an epic burpee video!
In addition to being a fantastic admin, Ashley also leads a local No Excuse Mom group in Sacramento, California. She motivates and empowers no excuse moms in her community and online!
She is a super mom, a super admin, and a super friend. Ashley makes no excuses for having a busy life — she runs, maintains a vegan lifestyle, takes her kids to the gym while still managing to admin the main No Excuse Mom Facebook group and lead her local No Excuse Mom group.
Ashley lives with her husband Clem and their four beautiful children. Thank you Ashley for being our NEM Superwoman! We appreciate everything you do!
sac ash Ashley A