No Excuse Mom: Jennifer Burman

We love finding inspiration on our No Excuse Mom Pages! Here is 22 questions for Jennifer Burman! She is 26 years old, 5’2, 140lbs and lives in San Pedro, CA!

  1. What is your personal history?
    As a kid and through my teens; I was known as a jock. I was a swimmer, I played waterpolo, and I was a cheerleader. But once I joined the military, my fitness declined.

2. How many children do you have?
I have 3 children; a boy 5, a girl 3 and a boy 1.

  1. How much weight have you gained in each pregnancy?
    I gained around 30 lbs with each pregnancy, but was severely overweight with the first two.
  1. Any cravings while pregnant?With each of my pregnancy, I had to have seafood. Oysters, sushi, Cajun shrimp; I loved it all and was lucky I could tolerate it.
  1. When were you at the best shape of your life?
    After my second pregnancy, I got in the best shape of my life; because I thought we were done having children. So when I was surprised with baby #3 I finally got to experience my first fit pregnancy. I ran 10-5ks 3-10ks and 2 triathlons. As well as, weight lifting 4-5x a week until I was 38 Weeks along.
  1. How long did it take to lose the baby weight?
    With my first it took18 months without any real exercise and proper nutrition. With my second, it took about 10 months. I was doing workouts at home and running a lot. With my third, it took about 8-9 months. Because I was so active during this pregnancy, it definitely helped me bounce back sooner.
  1. How long did you wait to start training again?
    With my first, it was around 6 months. With my second, 4 months. With my third, I went for my first run at 2 weeks postpartum. Then actively have been going to the gym at 3 months.
  1. Did you nurse your children?
    Yes, I am still breastfeeding. Continuously have been for the last 5 years. Oldest till he was 3, a year of that was tandem with his sister. And then breastfeed her till she was 2 and I am still breastfeeding my youngest.

9. How many calories do you intake per day?
Currently, I intake around 2300kcal a day.

  1. What was your post-pregnancy training like?
    After my most recent pregnancy  I began with simple at home workouts. Until my son was old enough for the daycare at the YMCA. Then I would go to the gym 5 days a week: legs, back bis, legs, chest tris and shoulders; was my split.
  1. How do you manage training with children?
    Its a lot easier with two kids thats for sure. I’d run with them in the stroller, or pull them on my bike in the trailer. But with three I had to get creative. My oldest can ride his own bike now. So When I run or bike he rides alone side me while I push/pull the other two. As for the gym, I’m happy I found a gym with a day care I really like.
  1. Any advice for other moms?
    1: Drink at least a gallon a water a day. 2:Eat, food is fuel. 3: Heavy weights are a girls best friend 4:It takes time; enjoy the process. 5:Have faith in yourself.
  1. Favorite Quote:
    “You can either find a reason to do it, or an excuse not to.”
  1. Favorite role model
    Ashley Horner, I love that she doesn’t sexualize her self. She’s beautiful and has 3 amazing boys.
  1. Favorite cheat meal:
    Sushi, still sorta healthy; but with a big family its the one splurge we can afford sometimes.
  1. Favorite diet meal:
    Greek yogurt with granola, packs a lot of protein.
  1. Favorite show:
    I currently have an obsession with so many TV shows, but if I had to pick just one; it would have to be Grays Anatomy.
  1. How did you hear about No Excuse Moms:
    I first heard about it after my second baby. To me it means letting all my reasons why, outweigh everything.
  1. What are your current goals?
    I’m currently training for a half marathon. I plan on completing the Spartan Trifecta and a few more triathlons.
  1. Any plans for more kids?
    NO! lol I am so happy with the 3 I have.
  1. What is your website/social media pages:
    IG: @mrs.jennyb
  1. Any more thoughts for us?
    My last pregnancy, was brought on by a huge surprise. Two days after my husband left for a year long deployment; we found out we were pregnant with baby #3. So staying active, running all my races, going to the gym and doing triathlons was the only thing that kept me sane.

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