No Excuse Mom Group Spotlight: Mesquite, Nevada

Leader: McKel Springer
Regional Manager: Juanita Verdin
Group Formed: January 2014
****In addition to being an amazing local group leader, McKel is our No Excuse Mom Locations Manager. She is responsible for maintaining our database of over 350 local groups! Thank you for everything you do for No Excuse Mom, McKel!!!*****
When did you become a NEM? Do you have a personal transformation story?
I have always been “Heavier” though I have always been active, I was always taller, more muscular than all my peers which I saw as a flaw. I suffered from depression, body image issues, anxiety, emotional eating, and horrible self talk.
The biggest transformation I have made personally is how I see myself. Though there are times where old habits start to make their way back, I have learned to recognize my triggers and instead of viewing myself as “Heavy” I now view myself as strong, I focus on what my body has done and can do not what it is lacking. If I am having a really bad day I focus on the fact my body carried two amazing healthy babies – that right there makes me chose to love it & treat it well.
I am a work in progress, my battle is not a physical one but a mental one and with the Help of NEM I am getting mentally stronger and stronger each day.
What inspired you to start a group? Tell us more about the city/state/country you lead!
We live in a very small town with only one very pricey gym that offers daycare.
I had started thinking about getting a few ladies together for walks when Maria’s 1st photo of her and her 3 boys started a Media fire. I started following the “hot facebook mom” and loved that she was fit, but she is human. What really got me interested in NEM is how transparent she is. No gimmicks, No half truth, she has been there done that, had the same struggles as all of her NEM followers. She is open about her past, her faith, her challenges, and never compromises her values no matter the media pressure, or negativity people throw her way. She is Maria -take her as is or leave her!
What has been your most rewarding experience as a group leader?
Watching members of my group accomplish their goals…..from weight lose, active pregnancies, postpartum returns, strength goals and distance. They not only have accomplished them, they shattered them!
What kind of workouts do you do?
A great mix of Strength training, cardio drills, Yoga, and walk/runs
Has your group participated in any events or charity fundraisers?
We participate in the Mesquite Breast Cancer Zumbathon, & hope to join a few charity run runs this year.
How has becoming a leader changed your life?
I tried working at a local Rec Center instructing group fitness, but with no daycare I had to take my kids with me and it’s impossible to teach and chase little ones. NEM has given me the freedom to put my health first, but not at the expense of my family. NEM moms make their health a priority, but understand that life happens. I have made working out a part of my daily routine, and it started with becoming a NEM leader.
How has becoming a leader affected your family?
My boys LOVE workouts!!! They have made friends, learned that being active is fun, and most mornings ask when we are going to work out. They crave being active, which is BIG for us since they are tech smart kids. Days we get out and play we have fewer “freak outs”, they sleep better, and are over all more balanced.
What is your favorite part of leading a group?
The friendships! These moms are amazing, they support, love, encourage, and build each other up. It’s not just about getting our workout in and leaving. We are truly friends. We have frequent play dates, birthday parties, baby showers, and mom nights. We babysit for each other, and it is priceless to have moms with similar goals, and lifestyles as you.