No Excuse Mom Group Leader Appreciation Award: Yvonne Gutierrez

From Regional Manager, Jasmine Clark:
Yvonne Gutierrez is a military wife and mother of three who also leads our Columbia, SC group.
Yvonne has undying dedication to her group and is resilient to anything that comes her way. She has an event on her calendar everyday of the week and hosts each herself.
Yvonne is always personable and bubbly, and provides help and support to all of her members and encourages them and does her best to suit everyone in her groups needs as well as showing so much support to me as a regional manager.
She is also involved with her local Family Readiness Group (FRG) as well as her daughter’s home room assistant.
Thank you for your dedication and commitment to No Excuse Mom, Yvonne! We appreciate all that you do!