No Excuse Mom Group Leader Appreciation Award: Lisa Gouyou

Lisa is the group leader of No Excuse Mom Paris, France.
From European Regional Manager, Camille Limosin:
Lisa is a working mom to Valdo, who is 7 years old. Lisa was a very young mother and has done a great job with very little family help.
She was the first No Excuse Mom in France, and I joined her a month or two after that. Since then she has been an incredible support for me and helped me grow NEM France as a country before growing her own city of Paris. She’s the secretary of the No Excuse Mom France official association and plays an important role in the NEM organization. She deals with the media, helps makes decisions and has great ideas.
She’s a real example because she has struggled with being overweight most of her life and has recently lost 33 pounds. Lisa is a perfect example of everything a No Excuse Mom should be!
She is doing an amazing job in Paris which is a difficult city and brought on 3 co-leaders there. They cover different neighborhoods, and the group is quickly growing. Her Facebook posts are always filled with great advice to guide and motivate members. She is doing special workout events once a month and is giving a Capoeira lesson to the NEM members in July in front of the Eiffel Tower!
Lisa and I work very closely. She has done a lot to help grow the movement here in France, and I wouldn’t have succeeded in all of this without her help and dedication. Her kind words, motivation, support and encouragement keep me and the rest of NEM France going!