No Excuse Mom: Chanel Parsons

I started working out with my husband over 6 years ago after we put on a little bit of “love weight” from always dining out together when we first started dating. We bought a home workout video before he graduated college and that’s when my journey began. It wasn’t always consistent and mainly I call it event dieting. We would work out and diet like crazy before we went on vacation or before family events. I didn’t start a consistent habit until I was pregnant with my 3rd son. In Feb 2014 and 12 weeks into the pregnancy I started lifting weights for the first time and fell in love!! Goodbye cardio! I lifted and lifted pretty heavily up to the day I had my baby. Then, 6 days later I started walking again because I just had to be active someway. I missed working out and moving my body. There wasn’t even a thought then about losing the baby weight but it was more of a mental thing. Working out made me feel happy and strong. It was just a few months after this when I heard about your movement and I LOVED the idea!! So I joined my local group and then joined the main page as well! I found a new passion for what I already loved to do because all these women sparked a fire inside me to keep going and push myself to become a better me! I’ve never looked like this. I never dreamed I would look like this either. So I am really shocked at what a mom of 3 can accomplish with just moving 30-45mins daily and some extra veggies instead of snack bars and cheap meal replacement drinks. Last August I became the leader of my local group which really scared me… I didn’t think at first I was good enough to lead the group because I wasn’t always perfect with my diet or workouts. But I quickly realized this isn’t about being perfect… It’s about being real. I’m a real mom and I binge on my kids goldfish crackers sometimes. Or I sneak and have an extra cookie at family dinners. But when Monday hits I’m back to my usual foods I enjoy to eat which are basically as fresh as I can get and my workouts are always done as soon as I wake up to ensure I have no excuses later in the day to skip one.
So basically my diet is lots of fresh fruits and veggies. I make egg whites almost every morning with lots of veggies. Lunches are usually salads with homemade dressings. Snacks are usually fruits or oats with almond butter, sea salt, and coconut sugar cinnamon and ground flax. This is like a dessert for me!! I’ll have shakes when I’m rushed for a meal during the school year. I drink coffee first thing in the morning usually only a cup. Then it’s hot lemon water before my first meal. I swear by this trick! Less bloating and it fills you up too! I almost always have a bite of whatever I fix for my boys lol. It’s such a bad habit. So for dinner I’m always changing things up. Tonight for instance we had spaghetti squash lasagna. Yum! I try to avoid dairy though. I’ll have a serving a week. But sometimes it’s just so good
Other than that I do not restrict myself. I’ve learned that when I did try to restrict myself it gets ugly mentally! I’m not scared of eating carbs like potatoes or grains. Love them but in moderation of course. In my house I do look at ingredients over calories. We do not buy anything with MSG, high fructose corn syrup or nitrites.
So for workouts I create my own daily. I like to work different muscle groups so that’s how I split up my workouts. Legs are something I work on a few times weekly. Problem area!! Some of the equipment I have at home is weights, loop bands, resistance bands, stability balls, ankle weights, med ball, pilates ring, bosu and one of my new favorite pieces of equipment is my picnic table haha. My kids will play and I do all kinds of exercises on that and it’s a great workout. In the summer months I make sure I walk a lot and make the kids walk daily with me too! A few details about me that seems to surprise everyone is that I’ve never ever been to a gym. I work on myself at home. Fav food is burgers. Big juicy greasy ones and I can’t say no to a good homemade brownie lol!
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