NEM Planksgiving Challenge

Happy Planksgiving month! The goal is to improve our core and stay fitness-focused during a very busy month! We recommend you plank for 30 seconds minimum and make sure you complete both sides of your body (depending on exercise). Have fun with your planks! Make sure you set a timer and take a picture!
Save and Share your Planksgiving poster so others can join you and post in your local NEM community or on our online NEM group page. We will gift a band set from Hope Fitness to two women. Please send your # of planksgiving posts to AT THE END OF THE CHALLENGE. Please use the hashtag #NoExcuseMom and #nemplanksgiving

Have fun!! Make sure your hips and shoulders are squared, your joints are all aligned and tuck your belly button in and draw it towards the small of your back. Try to keep neutral spine and ABOVE ALL, work at your own pace! I added pictures of exercises that may be confusing for you so see below! Can’t wait to see YOUR PLANKS!!!
Disclaimer: Please notify your physician before starting any fitness program.

Side Plank. You can also perform this with your bottom leg bent on the ground.

Plank with Abduction (you can also do with bottom leg bent on the ground)

Plank with Crunch

Plank with Hip Dips! Aim for 20 total!

Plank with leg lift

Rocking plank by rocking body back and forth!

Plank with Shoulder taps

Plank with V-up

Plank Hip Twisters (same as hip dips!)

Plank with Jacks. Perform 15-20

Plank Up and Down. Step One.

Step TWO

Plank Spiders (both sides) aim for 10 or more

Plank Thruster: draw your legs in and out 10 or more times.

One-armed plank

Plank Toe Taps (each side!) 10 or more times.

Plank on something elevated (anything!)