NEM Leader Transformation Winner: Kristi Queen of Culpeper, VA

My name is Kristi Queen and I am a leader of the Culpeper, Virginia No Excuse Mom group. When I started this 12 Week Challenge, it was not only a challenge for a change in myself, but a challenge to prove to my NEM girls that there are NO excuses!
During this challenge, I’ve battled new diagnostics of depression and anxiety, I started new medication that is known for weight gain, I started a new job, I had a breast cancer scare with multiple doctor visits and biopsies, I got engaged and have been wedding planning all on top of being a mommy to my three year old daughter. Add in to that that I jumped into this challenge with no gym membership, no shakes or programs, and no fancy home equipment. Determination was my key accessory. So, with my meal plans, dumbbells, and trusty water bottle, I set off to prove that changes are made with a determined mind.
My goals on this journey were to eat breakfast every day, drink 70 oz of water daily, exercise 5 times a week, limit my sugar consumption, and add strength/muscle. I did a lot of meal planning, tracked what I ate, and tracked every day I exercised to keep me accountable. Of course I had hiccups along the way, but with motivation from my family and NEM group, I did not let those bumps set me off-track.
My biggest struggle during this challenge was the scale. I really had to learn to practice what I preach as far as not relying on numbers on the evil contraption to show my progress! I limited my trips to scale and truly focused on my nonscale victories. I have lost TWO pant sizes, FIVE inches off my waist, THREE inches off my hips, an inch off each thigh, and a grand total of THREE pounds lost. Yes, only three measly pounds off the scale. But more importantly, I have GAINED muscle, definition, stamina, strength, confidence, and respect for myself for sticking through the 12 weeks and making a change! It was a true eye-opener of what my body could accomplish regardless of what the scale says. I am on a journey to be STRONG and treat my body right. I am not letting the scale hold me back.
I am walking away from this challenge with much more love and respect for myself and my body. I have fought every hiccup and obstacle against me and came out stronger both physically and mentally. I hope that my accomplishments will help other NEM ladies know that you do not need expensive programs, a gym membership, or a ton of free time to make a change. If it is a priority, you can and will make it happen.