NEM Leader Transformation Winner: Jennifer Dillon of Tewksbury, MA!

In September 2016 I gave birth to my 2nd baby. As soon as I got doctor clearance to work out again I hit the ground running thinking I’ve done it before, this will be easy! The pounds flew off the first 2 months and then.. it stopped.
By January the scale still hadn’t moved, I still had 8lbs left to get back to my previous weight and I still wasn’t even coming¬† close to fitting in any of my pants.
The NEM leader challenge came at the perfect time for me. I had plateaued and my body was not changing so I used the challenge as my excuse to really step it up.
I went from working out 2-3x a week to 6x a week, including leading my local NEM workouts on Sunday’s. I had to find time in my busy days now with 2 children to care for. I had to dig deep to go back to waking up early and working out before work (which most days was the only time I could squeeze in exercise). I used my vision calendar and marked a big check for every day I did something active and leaving a day without a check just wasn’t acceptable to me. I was no longer making excuses for not finding some time in each¬† day to exercise. I even ran a 5k in the snow in 10 degree temps (with a cold) with other moms from my group!
Halfway through the challenge I had only lost a pound or 2. I was discouraged and thought I was failing. But when I tried on some pants I had been avoiding I realized I could actually start to button them when in January I could barely get them over my hips! I was excited and kept pushing myself.
Had you told me at the beginning of this challenge I was only going to lose 4lbs total I probably would have cried and thought it was a huge failure. But today, and for the first time in my life, I’m actually witnessing first hand the reason everyone says GET OFF THE SCALE!
Finally the pants I could not even get over my hips earlier this year, the pants I envisioned every workout while I was pouring sweat and thought I could not keep going, now fit me perfectly! I really never would have thought a 4lb weight loss could look so drastic. I am never going to make weight centered goals again.
In 12 weeks I lost 2 inches from my waist, lost 3% body fat, but more importantly I shaved 3 minutes off my fastest mile, I can do 8 more push-ups, 5 more pull ups, and hold a plank for 2 minutes longer than I could! This is what I am proud of.
So goodbye scale!
And thank you No Excuse Moms!