NEM Group Spotlight : Slovakia and Czech Republic

I found No Excuse Moms when my daughter was a few months old and I was looking for inspiration to get back into shape. Stories from other moms motivated me to do something and to start looking for healthier options around. I lost all my pregnancy weight by the time my daughter was 6 months old and actually got pregnant again. I moved a lot during the second pregnancy but gained a lot of weight as well. With all the life changes that came to our family after our son was born, I wanted to get back on track and start doing something to get back into my clothes. I was tired of wearing tracksuit bottoms and loose T-shirts and I didn’t want to buy everything new. I wanted my body back, no dieting, but healthy eating and working out. Seeing the changes on my body after a few weeks then months was the best motivation to continue in my journey, that I could get. I didn’t want to stop. Of course, I had a rest day during my training, but I wouldn’t be able just to sit home and watch TV whole day long. I must move. Sport is in my blood now and I am always looking for more challenges. I started running as well and I’m getting ready for a few races this year. And the best thing on all of this is that my kids are copying me while I work out.
When we move to our current place I was trying to lose post-baby weight and was looking for a group nearby, that I could join, so I would find accountability, support, motivation and some friends because I was new here and didn’t know many people, just two moms. There was no group here and to create one was a great idea. I waited to sort out some stuff after moving and for the winter to finish because I thought it would be difficult to get moms and kids out to work out in a snow. I checked with my few friends if they would be interested in such thing as working out outside and was told there is nothing like this here around and moms would be happy to join, so this was one of the reasons behind my decision to start my two groups. Another one was more selfish, though. As we live far from others, I wanted my kids to meet other children and get used to people around and this was perfect for all of us.
We started working out in April 2016 in two locations. In Oscadnica I had a friend who brought others to our first workout. In Cadca, my second group, I didn’t know anyone who will come for sure, but even for our 1st workout, I had one mom in, who missed just a few from our many workouts and spread the word around. Other moms found us through FB and other social media pages. All moms I have on my workouts are on parental leave with kids, so they are happy they could do something for their health in the presence of their children. We don’t have many gyms here and even less with a facility to look after kids. As the winter was approaching I joined mother-toddler club in Cadca where they allowed me to workout with the members. My Cadca members were members there as well, so they were pleased we could continue and other moms joined in. Unfortunately, the weather is against us and I am unable to go there due to the snow, so we workout online twice a week. Even the online workout brought me a few new moms in. We continue online until the weather gets better and we will be able to go out to our usual locations. I am planning to keep one online workout on for moms from other locations in the future.
Most of the time the favorite workouts are full body workouts either just bodyweight strength training or interval training. Every mom is different and focuses on different parts of the body, so full body workout covers all.
No Excuse Mom is a mom that puts her and her family’s health first. Even thought she might have a lot of challenges, daily struggles and other stuff to do, she tries to find time for herself, her workouts and chooses healthier food for the whole family. She plans for success in every field of her life.
Don’t be shy to become a leader. It’s great fun. Just be consistent, at the beginning you might be working out by yourself but others will come. Make it fun even for kids. Take them with you, set up a stand with fliers, so other moms who might be just walking by could take some information about the movement and join you maybe next time. Speak to them if they are watching you, they might just be shy to ask.
Try to eat regular meals, drink plenty of water and limit sugar, white bread, fast food, processed food, and alcohol and choose healthier options whenever you can. One of my mottos is: You don’t need to eat less, you just need to eat better and it works great for me. – Pavla

Thank you Palva for being a great leader in Slovakia!
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