NEM Group Spotlight : Sierra Vista, Arizona

I had never been overweight until after my 4th child was born.  I had a very healthy pregnancy and lost all but 10 lbs of pregnancy weight by 6 weeks.  But then something changed.  My husband was deployed and having a brand-new baby, 2-year-old twins and a 10-year-old I had my hands full.  I started gaining my weight back.  I gained everything back plus an extra 10 lbs. I struggled that year trying to balance life.  After my husband came home from deployment is when I went to the Dr and was diagnosed with Post-Partum Depression.  That whole year and I thought it was just dealing with deployment. The Dr. gave me a couple options.  Get put on medication or find another way to deal with it, by exercise, meditation. I was still nursing and didn’t want to be on medication so I decided to try out the exercise. I joined a gym and started eating healthy.  I wanted this to be a lifestyle change just a fix. I started my journey in March 2014.  That first year I did okay.  I got most my emotions under control.  It wasn’t until spring of 2015 that I got serious. I was tired of being tired and hurting. I wanted a change.  I lost 20 lbs by July 2015. We then moved across the country from New York to Arizona and that is when I found the NEM group. I joined and started going to workouts weekly.  Those ladies became the first friends I made in this new place. I had never even heard of NEM before moving here.  It was so awesome to be part of something so inspirational and just what I needed.  Since joining NEM I got serious about my health in 2016. I became the Group leader here in Sierra Vista in March 2016 and have continued my journey to a healthier me. I am finally at the size I was before getting married but more than that. I am healthy, strong, and happy.  I love that I found this group.  It gave me the motivation and drive I needed to succeed. I love helping other moms reach their goals and helping them along their journey.
I took over the group when our leader had a job change and had to move away.  I was nervous at first thinking I was not good enough, not fit enough, not knowledgeable enough to run a fitness group.  I was still on my own journey.  But I wanted to help others along the way.  I wanted to keep myself motivated to keep going and not give up.  I love the motto No Excuses.
I started getting into fitness and exercising around March 2016.
Sierra Vista is a military town. Our group is very special in that we get to meet a lot of moms as their spouses or themselves get stationed here at Fort Huachuca.  A lot of the moms are only here for a short time as their spouse is here for training.  We have a large turnover every 6-9 months with this.  But in that short time, we get to know each other and grow together as a group and as friends.  We also have great locals that are amazing.  We currently are at over 700 members!  We have about 60-80 active members.  Anywhere from 10-20 members show up 5 days a week to get their sweat on with us.  We have workouts 5-6 x per week.  Most are held in the morning but we do offer one evening a week and 1-2 Saturdays a month.  We also host family days and mom’s night out once month. Fort Huachuca has been great with letting us use the Family Fitness Facility on post. There are lots of great parks we meet at and plenty of great running trails in town.  Along with the awesome mountains, we have to go hike in.
My Favorite workouts are Boot Camp Classes, Hit Workouts, and Kickboxing.  Partner workouts are always fun as the ladies get to know have fun and get to know each other better.  We hold runs 2x per week also.
A No Excuse Mom is someone that will put their health first.  One who doesn’t allow her excuses to get in the way.  We are all busy and all have a million things to do.  Laundry, dishes, work, kids….  Making the time to get in some physical activity daily.  No Babysitter, no Problem.  Bring the kids with you!  One hour is only 4% of your day.  We all have 24 hours in a day. How will you spend yours?
Tips for other moms who want to become an NEM leader or get healthy?
We are here to help motivate you, to encourage you, to push you.  But you must do the work.  You should decide every day what you will eat and how you will be active.
If you are thinking about becoming a leader, DO IT!  dive in!  Take that first step.  You may have no one show up to your first weeks even months of workouts.  But as soon as they do they will keep coming and bring new friends.  Be Consistent and advertise.
For those wanting to make a healthy change in their lives start today.  Take it a day at a time, one meal at a time, one workout at a time. Don’t get discouraged and give up.  If you pick yourself up more times than you fall you are winning.  This is not about perfection it’s about progress.
Thank you, Becca Wickham, for sharing your experiences and being a leader for your local community!
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