NEM Group Spotlight: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

In November 2014, Katherine Clubb created the NEM Regina Saskatchewan Canada Group. Motivated by her 130lbs weight loss, she decided to create a community of moms who can find support, advice and positivity. You can join her online private FB community HERE.

1)When did you become a NEM?  I have been a NEM for the last 5+ years now since starting my own personal transformation after the birth of my son in 2008. I’ve lost 130lbs in total, from a starting and heaviest weight of 300lbs. I joined the NEM Group over a year ago now.


2) What inspired me to start a group?  I wanted to help other mom’s reach their fitness goals while at the same time meeting new mom’s and making new friends. We live in Regina Saskatchewan Canada, where the NEM movement isn’t as strong as in the US, but we still have a great group of dedicated ladies. We get snow and very cold weather for a good part of the year with some nicer months over the summer. Regina is the capital of Saskatchewan, we’re in the middle of the Prairie Provinces and in the middle of Canada. We are a cultural and commercial centre for southern Saskatchewan.

3) What has been your most rewarding experience as a group leader? Seeing the ladies show up every meet, dedicated to work out. Being their motivator and go-to to help them reach their fitness goals.


4) What kind of workouts do you do? ALL kinds! I make up a new workout routine every week and we work out for about 40-45 min!

5) How has becoming a leader changed your life? It’s helped me to tap into some goals and dreams I’ve had for awhile. I love the feeling of helping the ladies in my group! I love the motivation they give to each other and all the support that has come about it. It’s a great group of ladies to lead with some great friendships being made. I try to motivate and encourage the ladies as much as possible because I know the struggle of being overweight and losing weight and I understand them.

6) How has becoming a leader affected your family? It hasn’t really. They have been supportive from the beginning and my kids have always encouraged me and joined in with me while working out. So it hasn’t changed, other than they have the chance to meet new friends at the meet ups!


7) What is your favorite part of leading a group? Making the workouts! I LOVE planning the workouts for our weekly workout group! It’s fun and I get to incorporate so many new and different moves. Showing the group moves they may not have tried before, pushing them to their limits! Showing them that they don’t need a gym membership to get into shape! Being able to show them modifications for moves if needed and how to make things harder if they want to see more results or are advanced. I love the encouragement and support in my group! I love the sweet messages and compliments the ladies send me thanking me for supporting them, motivating them and being there for them. I honestly wish I would of had something like this when I was loosing weight. And so I am blessed to be able to provide this type of support to these ladies in their journeys for FREE!

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