NEM Group Spotlight : New Brunswick, Canada

After what seems like a million failed attempts, in June 2016 I started my journey with a new attitude and a new outlook on fitness and health. I started by doing workout videos at home but now I attend a local YMCA gym. Day in and day out I’m at the gym whether it be weight lifting, attending a class, doing c25k on the treadmill, or playing squash on the courts.  The highlight of my story isn’t the 30lbs I’ve lost. It’s all the things I’ve gained along the way; new friends, my amazing local group (thanks to you Maria), my thyroid is in check, I’m mentally stronger than I’ve ever been, and I’m learning not only to take some of my life back but to truly love it and myself.
I loved the world wide group. The closest group to me was Nova Scoita and it wasn’t very active. I was always meeting other moms and thought building a local network and helping others would just feel good and it does. I hope along the way I truly inspire other people and little do all my members know but they also inspire me every single day. Having a group to lead meant I couldn’t quit even if I wanted to and I love and thrive under the pressure.
My group started the very end of November 2016. We are growing at a quick and steady pace and currently have 140 members. I would say we have between 30 and 40 extremely active members who post daily and another 20 to 30 that post weekly. I also have many followers in the group who are reading every post as shown on the seen lists but haven’t started posting yet. My group is 40 percent young mothers who are still home on maternity leave with children under a year, 40 percent working mothers who have multiple children and are just starting to get back into the groove of doing for themselves. The last 20 percent are older moms who are now grandmothers or are raising older children and finally feel like they have time for themselves. Many have gym members but plenty workout at home. Currently I have 30 members training for a mother’s day 10k race that we all plan to run together. This will certainly get us notice here in the province. We are hoping to do a team shirt and plan to use this event as a big advertising opportunity.
Because we are in full blown winter and didn’t get started until November we haven’t held a group workout but we run only challenges as a group and have plenty of events planned for spring. I have met a lot of my members face to face for different prizes and I and Erin have helped a few in classes or in the gym.
Being a no excuse mom means to me that it’s ok to put some effort and time into myself. I’m better for my spouse and my children when I’m looking after me. I refuse to let being a “MOM” stop me from achieving my goals. To me being a mom is just another reason to get healthy and active because I got little people watching me every day and I want to lead by positive example. I’m stronger than the excuses in the back of my head and I refuse to quit.
My best advice to others is to start small. Stay consistent. Find something you love doing so that it doesn’t feel like work. Work on your mental strength and know that the extra weight didn’t go on overnight and it isn’t going to come off overnight. It’s a journey and a life style and although sometimes is hard it’s always worth it. – Amanda Reilly, NEM leader of New Brunswick, Canada

Thank you Amanda Reilly and Erin Tuft for being an incredible leader in Brunswick, Canada! JOIN THEIR FB GROUP or find your local FREE NEM group here.