NEM Spotlight : Dallas, Texas

I started working out when I was cleared after I had my son in 2009. I didn’t give it my all though and stayed at my heaviest for about 5 years. I was talking to someone about being heavy and not happy with how I looked and they said to me “Your son is 5; you can’t use that baby weight excuse forever.” I got really offended and then thought about it and realized they were right and I decided to make a change. I worked my butt off and lost 13 pounds and have kept it off give or take a few pounds around the holidays. Weight is something I have struggled with since having my son and I realize that it’s become something completely different than before I had my son. I can’t eat whatever I want now (all the time) and just sit around, I need to be active and eat healthy for both him and myself. I’m not just an example for myself now, I’m his example also.
I decided to start this group because I knew that if I needed as much help and as much support as I needed, that there had to be others out there like me. I wanted to be the changed I wanted to see in my community. I wanted like minded girlfriends. I wanted a larger support system, but most of all, I wanted to motivate others, and push others women the way I needed to be pushed. I wanted to help women feel good about themselves.
I started my group in June of 2015. We grew quickly to 1600+ member online community and I currently have 5 co-leaders who teach workouts in Rowlett, Oak Cliff, Carrolton, and Wylie.
My group loved to lift weights!! We like to go heavy weights with low reps. Circuits and HIIT workouts are always very much liked. 😉
Being a No Excuse Mom means looking at life and making the decision that although it’s busy and most of the time chaotic, you are deciding to make it a PRIORITY to put your health first. We are examples to our children, they look up to us, they learn from us, and they follow us. Our kids come to our workouts and sometimes even join in. So many people these days don’t live an active lifestyle and their kids use that as a path they think they should take as well. Our path is the legacy we want to leave for our children, we want them to be active, we want them to be healthy, and we want them to feel like they can do anything they set their minds to. Without being healthy, it’s hard to reach goals and it’s hard to live the life you want to. Health is what keeps us going, health is IMPORTANT to pay attention to, health is what keeps us around longer and I want to be around long enough to help as many people as I can in as many ways as I can.
Make the decision to step out of your comfort zone! It’s good to make yourself uncomfortable, that’s where you grow. Make a plan and stick with it. If you want to lead a group, find a mentor in a current leader and let them help you, you will flourish. Set goal, realistic goals. Set timelines and don’t give up. RESEARCH!!!

Thank you, Jenna Kirby, for being a great leader in Dallas!
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