NEM Group Spotlight : Charleston, South Carolina

“I started my journey at the end of 2014, I just had my daughter and was at my heaviest of 180lb and in addition to that, I was on blood pressure medication. After working out alone I wanted something more, so I joined No Excuse Mom.  In 2015 I started school and lost focus, and really didn’t do much as far as working out, but I stuck with eating better and lost only 10 lbs. Then came 2016 and I knew I needed to do something more than just eating right if I wanted to meet my goals. So, 2016 I went back at it. I was more than determined, I told myself this time you will do it, and you will not give up or lose focus. In October of 2016 I wanted to improve even more once again, but I needed a push to do so. I signed up to become a leader for my local group and it has been a blessing to me. I struggle with many things but being apart of this group and being surrounded by so many amazing leaders and women have helped me refocus on what really matters; my physical health, my mental health, and my family.
I became a leader of NEM Charleston South Carolina for many reasons.  I needed a motivation in my fitness journey to keep going and to help motivate myself. I wanted to inspire other moms with toddlers, and show them that they can still live a healthy lifestyle while chasing around a baby. I also wanted to be apart of something bigger. I wanted to participate in something that would help me make a difference in my community and I felt like the No Excuse Mom organization could help me achieve that.
The NEM fitness group here in Charleston was just beginning at the start of 2014. It was created by Melissa Frink, and another mom. When I joined, I was only a member working out with them. It was until October of 2016 I became a leader. Since I have become a leader, I’ve noticed all of the changes we’ve made as a group. We participate in challenges and plan our workout sessions accordingly. We meet once a week for a workout/play date at the park and every Wednesday to run.
My favorite form of exercise is our weekly Wednesday run. I’ve discovered a new love for running that I hadn’t realized was there. I also enjoy Melissa’s workouts because she is so creative at coming up with exercises that target each muscle in the body.
To be a No Excuse Mom means to be someone who cares. Someone who wants to motivate other women to not give up and to keep pushing to meet their goals. No matter what size you are, or where you’re from everyone in the organization wants to see you do well. We want to live healthily, we want to be stronger than we thought possible, and we want to live long healthy lives to be able to play with our kids, our grandkids, and even our great grandkids one day.  I believe that it means you want the best for your family, for yourself, and for everyone around you. Most of all to me being a No Excuse Mom means that you are someone who takes health seriously, that you want to help motivate and inspire others, and that you want to be the best you that you can be.
My biggest tip is to just do it. Don’t overthink it, don’t stress you over it. If you want to become a leader, make sure you have at least an hour a week to give to the group and stay active in the online group. To become healthy, it takes baby steps because habits are hard to kick. If you drink a lot of soda and then you quit but happen to slip and have one, that’s okay. One treat or “bad” food isn’t going to ruin everything you have worked for. Know that whether you just want to be healthy or you want to be a leader, whatever you set your mind to, and put effort into, you can do it.”
Thank you Kirstie Messinger for being an incredible leader! Find your free Mom group HERE.