Momspiration: Jessica Salvat

Our NEM leader Jessica Salvat is an incredible role model, mother of two (5 and 1) and a fighter! She is 27 years old and has overcome eating disorders and difficult pregnancies.  We asked her to give us some facts on how she got in shape! Read on for more momspiration!

—> She gained 55 pounds during each pregnancy (and lost it)
Main nsv (non-scale victory) would be feeling confident and comfortable in anything i wear, wearing shorts, skirts or skinny jeans even if there is a small imperfection and not caring !
My last fitness nsv was performing push ups next up on my list is pull ups !
—> She is a leader in France.I  had been following Maria Kang’s public page for a while but had no idea of how major NEM was before joining the French NEM group last October, the group has given me the support and drive I needed, not only to loose the baby weight but mainly to love and treat myself right, since then it has been an empowering experience !
—> She suffered from an eating disorder for the past 10 years,I can today say I have no longer an unhealthy relationship with food, its a slow and long journey
I suffered from anorexia in my teens going down to 101l bs then bulimia kicked in for what seems like an eternity to me, gradually they spaced out, and got used to the cycle of overeating/starvation/over training I thought I would have to live this way for the rest of my life, so I am programmed to “diet”, I had strictly no pleasure in eating as I controlled everything I ate, everything that was out of my control (meals out, family meals,etc…) would result on me emptying my cupboards when I got back home…
We all that know that deprivation leads to intense cravings, which can trigger rebound overeating, just had no idea how to get out of this infernal circle…
My diet is pretty simple, I’d say maybe 70/30 paleo, I eat every 3/4 hours and I LOVE eating healthy, my diet is rich and colorful and full of variety, I do not feel deprived at all ! 
—-> She likes to weigh train.
I usually weight train 6 days a week, I am actually following Jamie Eason’s Live fit program
I also try to run 3 days a week, mainly early in the morning before my partner leaves for work
I train only at home, my home gym is slowly growing, i now have all the equipment I need to follow my program and if not there is always modifiers ! 
I love training with my kids, and making my eldest participate, we have a blast !

—-> How she became a leader

After being very active on our FB page, Camille, our European manager, encouraged me to start a group. Being a leader makes me push harder, it has taken me out of my comfort zone and given me a confidence that I had no idea I had ! I just love inspiring and showing the way to go to the moms, seeing each of them find they’re inner strength and regain confidence makes me so happy ! This movement carries so much positivity that I just have to spread the word and show the moms in my town, my country that it is possible !
—-> Her favorite food is….
… hmm that has got to be cheese, bread and wine (so cliché lol) this probably is the ultimate cheat meal for me, I also love pasta based dishes, like tagliatelle, boursin and smoked salmon ! My favorite clean food, wow this is hard as I love it all haha maybe avocado wraps/sandwiches and cantaloup/watermelon that I could eat non stop ! Or and trail mix, but then I have to really be careful on the quantity, they go fast haha !

—> Her best tip is….
Eat every 3/4 hours, do not skip a meal that is where the cravings begins !
Always have some healthy snacks available.
And unless you have a valid excuse (which can happen lol), never skip a workout, you always feel much better after
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Thank you Jessica for being simply incredible.

and After!