Join our Campaign to End Excuses in 2019

Are you fed up putting everything else first? Are you ready to start prioritizing your mental, physical, spiritual and financial health? Let’s join together and STOP MAKING EXCUSES. Whether you are held back by time, money, kids, resources, genetics, negative people, lack of friends, etc…YOU NEED TO IDENTIFY WHAT YOUR CHALLENGE IS AND MAKE A GOAL TO OVERCOME IT
These No Excuse Commandments were created with YOU in mind. It’s important to not only tackle small goals first, but reflect and set new goals weekly. As mothers we often put ourselves last, consume easy, processed and high sugar foods. We rely on caffeine because we are always go, Go, GO! THIS vow is to help us stop…STOP allowing children, holidays, school, distractions – all of it, from getting to where we should be going, which is UP.
Let’s raise each other in this next year. Let’s focus on our reasons for living and not the excuses holding us back. Let’s DO THIS.
Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download our 10 No Excuse Commandments, post them on your wall and join a community of women who are focused on keeping each other accountable throughout 2019.
  2. WRITE DOWN THE EXCUSE holding your back. Post it PUBLICLY with your game face and hashtag #noexcusemom and #nomoreexcuses2019 (follow those hashtags so you can see and support others in the journey!)
  3. In one email (not now) send a copy of your public post declaring you will no longer make your excuse with a 500-word story and an after pic (any ONE pic that represents your success) by Dec 28, 2019 for a chance to win $500!
  4. Your public post must be made by Sep 10th. When you send your story and pic to, please include a screenshot of the date it was posted.
  5. You will be judged by a panel of 5 people on:
    – sticking to the rules (must post publicly before Sep 10th, 500-word limit story and 1 after pic)
    – how you overcame challenges and broke your excuses in 2019

    DOWNLOAD No Excuse Commandments HERE