Intention versus Conviction

I had a conversation the other day and was talking about my intention on a certain topic. It had nothing to do with weight loss or having a change in your habits or anything along those lines, but the thought process was the same. We have times in our lives when you have every intention of doing something, even if it’s going to be hard for you. But after giving it more thought after our conversation I started to think about intentions… Intentions are often broken. Intentions are something that is well meaning but aren’t always really that important to us. What I was talking about that day was actually something I had deep convictions about; it was much more than just an intention… Which got me thinking about my efforts to get back to being healthy. As much as I hate to admit it, the reason that I’m still struggling so much day today is because it really is just an intention at this point and not a real conviction or commitment. Sure, I have made goals. I have tried to set myself up for success. I have tried to make new habits. But when it comes down to it, I really haven’t been wholeheartedly, unendingly committed to my fitness efforts. They are still expendable. If it is too snowy, if my daughter is too fussy, if I have any other reasons or excuses that come up then the first thing to go is my workout and especially my eating habits. I have actually been pretty good at keeping up with how many times I intend to work out in a week, but my eating have really been another story. I realized that I still have some works in my mind to do to make that jump from intentions to commitment and conviction.
So I decided to sign up for the No Excuse Mom transformation challenge and I have devoted myself to every standard that it sets. The first reason that this can help me personally to take my goals from intention to commitment is because I am vested. When you pay any amount for something, you have a personal investment. Plus, by blogging here (and stating that this is my commitment) now I feel responsible to each person who reads this to try hard to do my best. Finally, all of the things that go along with the transformation challenge will set me up for success, too. I made my fitness calendar, took my weight and measurements, took before pictures, and got my recommendations from Maria on my eating and exercising. As an added bonus, since I was single this Valentine’s Day, I bought Maria’s Belly Ball and DVD ab workout, which I will be doing as well. My stomach has never been beautiful. So I look forward to the potential this has for me!
I will continue to document my journey here, so hang in there with me. 🙂 Wish me luck these next twelve weeks!