What is No Excuse Mom?

What is No Excuse Mom?

No Excuse Mom is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit program through Fitness without Borders. No Excuse Mom offers thousands of members online support and encouragement and boasts over 350 free workout groups in over 25 countries worldwide. You can join our online group here.

Who is a No Excuse Mom?
She’s a mom who makes no excuses for making her health a priority. She’s someone who prioritizes her health, her family’s health and understands the ripple effect their role plays in the health of their community. These moms chose to transform their lives by consciously deciding every day that their health was worth it. When they were tired they trained. When they were lost for time to exercise, they found the time. When they were busy, they purposefully planned and prepared their daily goals and meals to coincide with what they wanted out of life. Some work outside the home, some have multiple children, some dealt with depression and some are raising a family on their own. They are true examples of real every day women – whose fitness manifests in different sizes, shapes and ages. These women made No Excuses for not prioritizing the body that brought their babies into this world.

What is a NSV?
NSV means “Non-Scale Victory”. We know all too well that pounds don’t define progress. One pound of muscle is three times smaller than one pound of fat, so you can gain weight and lose inches at the same time! Your success is dependent on how good you feel, how consistent you are and how healthy you become. If you can run longer, lift heavier, fit into old clothes, overcome sugar cravings, run a 5k or confidently wear a bikini – then it’s a victory!

What diet and fitness plan do we follow?
We follow many of the guidelines is based off the founder, Maria Kang’s No More Excuses Diet  Program. Here book is available in-stores and online here.  Suggestions include:

  1. Eat Breakfast every morning.
  2. Write down everything you eat
  3. Workout 3-4 times a week (or more)
  4. Drink ONLY water (or straight black coffee/tea)
  5. Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime
  6. Eat small meals throughout the day (calories are dependent on current weight)
  7. Each meal must have a protein and carbohydrate. Include healthy fats as needed.
  8. Measure your progress weekly via measurements and strength/endurance tests. Weigh yourself once a month.
  9. Plan your splurge meals, which you can have once a week.

18 Replies to “What is No Excuse Mom?”

  1. When I first saw the “What’s Your Excuse?” picture I was frustrated by it. But I realized that she was right-I was making all kinds of excuses to myself for why I couldn’t make time to exercise and eat better. I want to be a healthy example for my 2 young daughters-I don’t want them to have image issues like I have. I don’t want them to look in the mirror and be unhappy. In 2014 I want to make my health a priority and banish the excuses that got me to the point I am at now. Wishing everyone a happy, HEALTHY, New Year!

  2. You women are awesome! I was a Computer Engineer turned Health and Fitness advocate and always made time to exercise. I help, inspire and motivate people to live healthy, balanced lives and celebrate life. I was a single mom and no matter what the weather was in N.J., I celebrated life by exercising and eating healthy. I am now 60 and am a motivational speaker and health coach. I live in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA and I play volleyball alot – indoors and at the beach…..Oh, and since I work out at the gym – I see the results by wearing a bikini – all 4’11” of me at 102 lbs! Thank you, Lord, for health! All you women, keep up the great work! God bless you all!

  3. I know that the calendar entries have started for 2014. I signed up for the email list but can not find any info on how to enter. And it says my sign up was successful but I have never received an email. If any one could tell me where to find the info that would be great. Thanks

    1. Kassie,

      If you join the No Excuse Mom group on Facebook we have all the information there for the calendar entries.

  4. How do I bring No Excuse Mom to my community? I am a fitness professional with a Masters Degree in nutrition and exercise. I also have 2 young boys (maybe more someday) and ran throughout both my pregnancies. I love what you do and stand for. I agree it takes hard work, dedication and motivation to be a No Excuse Mom. I am very interested in learning more!

    1. Yes you can! Please go to the locations portion of the website and you will see how to contact us and get set up.

  5. Thank you so much for sparking the motivation I once had, which i thought I lost. Reading about moms who are full time workers, take their children from one activity to the other and made time for exercise made me realize, “I am not the only busy mom, I need to reorganize my schedule and get SLEEP! I can do it!” Thank you for being an inspiration and showing moms that we can still be as motivated and find time to take care of us. When we are healthy, our family is healthy and happy : )

  6. I am learning to be a no excuse mom. My “babies” are 11, 23, & 25. I think it’s all about priorities. How important am I? On the days when I feel like I have to take care of everyone else and not myself, I try to remember what the flight attendants tell you on a plane. Put on your own oxygen mask before helping the person next to you, or you won’t be any good to anyone else. It’s helping. I still make excuses, but they’re getting fewer and farther between.

  7. Hi Maria Kang, I want to hold a No Excuse Mom group be in my city, Santa Clara, however per the Parks and Recreation of my city stated I am unable to hold an exercise group or this type of group at any of the locsl park in my city because it will cause conflict of interest. But I am still working on with other facilities if therr is anyone out there who will provide a facility. Any suggestions?

  8. Hello Maria I had the pleasure to meet you today at Target. I’m so excited to star a workout Tuesday. Can you please email me the time and location where moms meet. My zip code is 95758

  9. Hello, i read your blog occasionally and i owna siilamr one and i was just wondering if you get a lot of spam remarks?If so how do you stop it, any plugin or anything you can advise?I get so much lately it’s driving me insane so any help is very much appreciated.

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