How’s Your Form? #noexcusemomsquats

Lately I’ve been reading about squatting. Everyone wants to have a bigger butt, leaner legs and smaller hips. So I get it – squats are one of the top-rated exercises for improving your lower half. However, when I think of squats, I already think of injuries – why? Because squatting is a mutli-joint exercise that requires you to utilize several muscles to perform. Keep in mind I’m a big fan of strength training, I am pro-squatting, pro-free-weights, pro-iron —–> what I am NOT a fan of, is INJURY.

The problem with injuries is that it can happen easily, especially if you go into this exercise with poor posture. If you have tight chest, shoulders, neck, hip flexor or hamstrings muscles, you probably have bad posture. If you have a weak lower back or even a pot belly, you probably have bad posture. The thing with bad posture is it creates muscle imbalances. When you have imbalance, imposing more weight or challenges to the body will create strain and possible injury. As someone who has worked with people for over fifteen years in the fitness industry I can tell you that only a small percentage of people have very good posture, after all, most of our jobs include a desk and we are often sitting whether it’s driving, watching TV or playing on our ipad!

So in an effort to correct our posture and improve our squats (and therefore our derriere!) Let’s do a Squat Challenge. Please post (in our individual Facebook groups or Instagram) a video of you performing 5 squats. It can be with or without weights. Please film from the side and do the very best you can! We want to see your squats! HASHTAG #noexcusemomsquats to make sure we see it!

Our NEM National Fitness Pro Jules Rosenthal shares with us the PROPER way to perform a squat. Please watch this informative video and post your own so we can help each other get better!


Jules Rosenthal resides in the Boston area — she is a No Excuse mother of two, licensed clinical social worker, avid runner/fitness freak and made her vision come true when she started her own personal training company, Ripped by Jules in 2013. Follow Jules on Facebook here.

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