How I Stopped Making Excuses

We all have that moment when the rubber meets the road and we have to ask ourselves “How bad do I want this?” Life is funny like that in so many ways, especially in fitness. For me I had to ask myself this question when I entered adulthood and then again after I had my first child. I had to ask myself, “How bad do I want to maintain a healthy body?”
Unfortunately, I come from a long history of obese women. Most of them neglected their health after giving birth to their first child. So, when it was my turn to either “let myself go” or work against the stream to take my body back to a healthy weight; I mentally felt like I was working against history. I knew I had to change my mindset before I could change my body.
I believe most changes begin first with what is inside of us before we can see the alteration take place on the outside. If we can alter how we value our health and make it a high priority, then we will make the necessary changes towards a healthier lifestyle. For me, I realized these three things mattered more to me than the excuses I could come up with:

  1. I want to be healthy so I can enjoy my children and my future grandchildren. I don’t want to be stuck in a Hospital because I gave in too many times to fast food, sodas, and candy. I want to run with my kids, and dance with them as they grow. I never want my health to be a limitation to the activities I can do with them. It’s disappointing when I have to wonder whether or not I can invite my mom to participate in an activity with her grandchildren because of her weight. I don’t want to do that to my children or grandchildren.
  2. I’d rather spend money on vitamins and eating better then on medical bills. I feel like it’s very common for me to receive a phone call about a family member being in the hospital. I always pray for them, but I know that many of these hospital visits could have been avoided if they would have taken better care of their bodies. I don’t want to sound judgmental, I’m not at all perfect. These moments encourage me to take a moment to evaluate my health. Perhaps I can avoid a medical bill in the future, by making an alteration to my eating habits now.
  3. The benefits of a healthy body greatly outweigh my sacrifices. I love to go shopping and everything fits how I want it to. I love it when I feel great in my own skin. I’m so miserable when I eat bad for days or if I haven’t worked out in over 3 days. There are times when it feels like every workout is a huge hurdle I’m trying to get over, but a 30-minute sacrifice of cardio always gives me a longer lasting benefit. I’m a happier mom to my children, wife to my husband, and my body thanks me in return.

These 3 concepts have changed the way I look at my health but perhaps they don’t speak to you the way they do to me. I encourage you to ask yourself, “What matters most to me? How do I value my health? Is my health a high priority?” If you’re stuck in a rut and need to change your mindset of how you value your health, start with exposing yourself to a healthier lifestyle. Start with reading health books and magazines, follow healthy examples on all forms of social media, and hang around friends that make healthier choices. Before you know it, you’ll become more health conscious. Keep in mind not to be too hard on yourself if your progress is slow. It may take some time to renew your mind but even small, multiple steps can collectively make a big difference! Set yourself to be more health conscious!