Gate 2 (YEG)

The sk8ter grls and bois busted a move this morning and while it may have been hard to see the contagious laughter and play brought a smile to my face.

Time and time again you bring forth the best in yourselves and build up a community of like minded people. In this kind of environment anything is possible. We are going into our winter season but that is just a challenge. Have you been looking for that next race? for that next step? Power through. Power through this season and build up your base. Believe in yourself and build up to a better you. I cannot wait to see what you can do.

Wednesday is the last Wednesday at Commonwealth for the 2019 season. Let’s give it a proper send off. Anyone that’s been on the fence – grab them. When we shout good morning and y’all good – mean it when you yell back the response.

The City of Edmonton allows us to use there facility – they believe in the community and benefits it brings. On Wednesday bring a card of thanks (I’ll bring a big one for people to write on) and share with the City your favorite Commonwealth memory. If those stairs could talk I am sure they would have a pretty amazing story to tell.

Keep being awesome,