FREE Downloadable Fitness Calendar

Download our free No Excuse Mom Calendar HERE.
Tips on how to use it:
1. Print and place on a large poster board.
2. Add Long Term goals on your poster board and short term goals on this printout.
3. Only document when you have completed a workout.
4. Color code (if possible) as we are visual people! For ex., if your favorite color is pink, show pink when you did something hard (like run) and red when you didn’t workout at all.
5. You can add “X’s” to days completed. It is very affirming to see the X marks as it symbolizes progress.
6. Place the Poster Board somewhere you can see every day.
7. Add power words that will keep you focused along with quotes and images that motivate you.
8. Remember, you must USE this in order to see success.
9. There are 5 weeks per page, which allows you to focus on the “post-challenge” and “maintenance” journey before you restart again!

Download the calendar and print 3 pages!