Fitness Role Model Wendy Green

My name is Wendy Green, I am 40 years old and I live in the beautiful Union, South Carolina. I have four children all ranging from ages 7 to 23.

I discovered No Excuse Moms a few years ago when I was watching the Today Show and they had been discussing Maria’s NEM picture. I was shocked to see how she had 3 little boys but instead of using that as an excuse not to take care of herself, she made it a reason. I LOVED it!!
My usual workout routine involves at home weight training sessions 5-6 days a week using the ‘Body Beast’ program by Sagi Kaliv. I also do obstacle course race training coached by Yancy Culp 3-4 times a week. The obstacle course training includes:

  • running
  • sprints
  • heavy carries
  • hill work
  • burpees
  • pull-ups
  • tire flips
  • weighted drags
  • dead hangs
  • pull-ups

My best fit Mom tips are to drink LOTS and LOTS of water! There are so many overall benefits! My rule of thumb is a minimum of half of body weight in ounces of water (ex. 140 lb person needs at least 70 oz water daily) more when training and sweating.

  • View it as adding years to your life versus taking them away
  • Don’t change everything at once….baby steps in healthy lifestyle changes will last longer and equal giant leaps a year from now.
  • Start by making healthy food choices, the physical. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle!

I wasn’t an athlete or involved in sports growing up. My parents believed in working. At 10 I got my first job at a local restaurant. This instilled a hard work ethic mentality in me and I matured much faster because of the responsibility I held.
As a teenager I enjoyed following along with workout videos…remember Tae Bo?!?! LOL!! I had come to terms that my body wasn’t made for running or being an athlete but I enjoyed being active and walking.
I became more serious about living a healthy lifestyle after having my 3rd child. I suffered severe depression and it took me to very dark places. It was so traumatic, I was coming to the point where I was planning my own suicide. My doctor was insisting that I start taking medication, but something inside me knew if I changed the food I was eating, began to exercise, focused on the positive and started putting myself higher on the priority list of self care, I would feel better. Slowly but surely through this trial and error process, I began to see positive change in myself. I started with eating wholesome homemade meals, drinking LOTS of water, educating myself on healthy foods and becoming more active with my children. We’d even use the kids as “weights” for exercises. Then I began walking in the afternoons as a stress reliever. One day I decided to start jogging, which wasn’t very far, but each time I would set goals to go a little farther. I set mailboxes, trees, light poles, even trash on the side of the road as my finish line. Even if it was just 5 steps more than the day before I was excited because I was making progress! When I signed up for my first 5k, I couldn’t imagine running 3.1 miles without stopping! Now I’ve doe many 5k’s, 12 marathons, and 1 Ultra! I still can’t believe it!
In 2015 I was introduced to Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) when a group of friends asked me to join them for a Spartan Sprint. When I completed that race the ‘warrior’ in me woke up and felt alive for the first time in a long time! Since then I’ve gotten more serious in eating food as fuel and viewing working out as training. The last 2 years competing in OCR, I’ve ran elite and still get butterflies at the start line. This past April I was fortunate to have a 3rd place podium finish for Female Masters Elite at the Ft Benning Spartan Sprint and just recently came in 10th for Female Masters Elite at the Asheville Spartan Super!
I can truly say now that I feel better at 40 than I did at 20! I choose to live this lifestyle because well, it just makes ya feel good! Most importantly, I can be the wife and mother I need to be for many years to come! It all started with, ‘No Excuses!’
Thank you, Wendy Green, for sharing your amazing story and for being an inspiring model for your local community!
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