Tips for your new fitness journey

Starting the fitness journey is hard! Here’s some real advice taken from our private Facebook group from real, every day moms, who have started and overcome the battle!
“There’s no graduation!” – Stacey B.
“You’re going to have days that you go off track. It’s ok. Just get back on track tomorrow” – Sarah M.
”Eating one bad meal doesn’t mean to say screw it the rest of the day. That means you need to eat better the rest of the day and start fresh tomorrow!” – Beki K
“Take pictures at least once a week and take measurements once a month. Drink water (half your body weight in ounces daily). And it’s ok to have a cheat meal…not a cheat weekend.”- Tammy W.
“Do not count on motivation. Motivation doesn’t achieve goals. Habits achieve goals.” – Justine L.
“Fitness is a journey…not a destination. And don’t let the number on the scale define you.” – Terri L.
“Don’t follow any plan you’re not willing to do forever. This is a life long journey.” – Danielle W.
“The first 5 minutes are the hardest to get through when you just don’t feel like working out. Always do it anyways. You’ll never regret the workout you do. You will regret the ones you don’t.” – Elizabeth B.
“Consistency is key!” – Kristina C.
”It’s a journey, a journey that never ends, and quitting will not get you anywhere faster. So advice = No quitting.” – Sandy S.
“Love yourself the entire journey” – Susie J.
“Don’t stop. You’ll fall a million times. Just don’t stop getting back UP.’ – Melissa L.
“Don’t go extreme and be careful about self talk. What you think about, comes about.” – Maria Kang
“Take pictures!” – Kelsey H.
“Try to have patience, you didn’t gain weight overnight don’t expect to lose it overnight.” – Ashley S.
“Trust the process” – Marilyn P.
“Take it one decision, moment, choice at a time. It keeps it from getting overwhelming.” – Stacey D.
“You gotta want it bad enough” – Teresa E.
“Never give up.
Push your limits.
Love yourself” – Laura K.
“Stay away from the scale” – Viktoriya B
“Set small realistic goals, when they are attained it will fuel you to set new goals.”- Colleen H.
“Do not be to tough on yourself it’s a journey.” – Lexy S.
“Have patience.” – Candace J.