Fit Mommy Role Model: Katty Johnson

Miss February, Katty Johnson attempted to run a half marathon when she was 14.  She was very athletic and thought she could attempt it without proper training. A physical exam  prior to the race showed that she had water in her lungs along with asthma. Despite the news, she ran anyways and couldn’t finish the race. That single, painful running memory stuck with her for a long time. At age 39, she conquered her fear of running.  She ran two 5k’s, one 5k mud run, one 10k, one 10k mud run and two half marathons! We – at No Excuse Mom’s believe in celebrating NSV’s (non-scale-victories) and this is definitely Katty’s! She is currently training for the full L.A. Marathon scheduled for March 2014.
This is Katty’s story:

I gained over 30 lbs. with my pregnancy and I was hoping to get back in shape by breast feeding, exercising and eating healthy food.  Unfortunately, my baby came 5 weeks early.  I had preeclampsia/toxemia, and therefore I had to have an emergency C-section.  As much as I tried, my breasts just wouldn’t produce milk, so breast feeding was out; and figuring out how to exercise with all that was happening with our new family addition seemed just too complicated.  Having a baby was a big change and trying to have somewhat of a similar pre-baby life was just not going to happen.  Difficult as it was, I somehow managed to lose almost 40 lbs.
Five months after my first baby was born, I found out that I was pregnant again.  My second baby came 5 weeks early as well and I had to have a second C-section.  Life had changed 360 degrees – I was working full time, providing financial support for my family while my husband was going through grad-school, taking care of the babies and my two step-sons (every weekend and holiday visitations), along with all the assortment of duties that regular life presents, life had become very chaotic.
I have struggled with my weight over the last 18 years of my life.  I had gone through strict diets, extreme exercise routines, and always managed to lose weight, but the weight-loss was always temporary. I wasn’t as much focused on being healthy, as much as I was focused on my appearance.  I had tried every diet that I had heard of and had even become anorexic for a period of time.  But through the various attempts to improve my shape, I had damaged my metabolism and had become anemic.
Around May of 2011, about 10 months after my second child was born, we visited my grandmother in Argentina.  We took so many family pictures while we were there.  It’s interesting, though, how seeing yourself in print can be more enlightening than seeing yourself in the mirror everyday.  At that time, I was weighing around 184 (and I’m only 5′ tall).  After seeing the family pictures when we came home, it was apparent how much weight I had gained, and for the sake of my own health I knew that I had to do something.  
That was my moment of epiphany… the moment I looked at myself and said “whatever happened to me? I’m not only very overweight, I’m unhealthy and I’m doing nothing about it.”  I was very lucky that I didn’t get diabetes, but I had very high cholesterol.  I didn’t want to raise my kids in an unhealthy environment.  I want them to eat right, exercise, and be happy. 
This is when my journey for a healthier, happier and better me started.  By last December, I had lost approximately 20 lbs of my baby-weight gain, but I was still struggling and felt like I had hit a brick wall.  I had learned about the “2013 No Excuse Mom Challenge” group from Maria Kang’s page, and after reading Maria’s book, I became excited and reinvigorated.  I joined the group immediately.  I related so much with the members’ posts and stories.  With lots of hard work, clean eating, the support and encouragement of my amazing husband, family, friends, the love and strength from God, and the support of all the wonderful, powerful women in the group, I’ve managed to lose another 29 lbs. this year.

I’m so happy to have a better, healthier life style – one not as focused on image, but more on mine and my family’s health.  I’m proud to be living a life that I can make my kids and husband a part of – a life we can all enjoy together… and I’m even happier that many of my extended family members have been motivated by my journey and transformation, and have decided to jump on the bandwagon to enjoy a happier, healthier life. – Katty Johnson

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