No Excuse Moms are so thankful to work with a professional network of experts who devote their time freely on our online boards. They also offer exclusive NEM fitness and nutrition packages, perfect for those who need additional guidance and personal one-on-one training/counseling. A portion of their proceeds come back to our nonprofit! Get to know these fabulous ladies below and make sure you use the NEM discount code for additional savings!

Julia Feldman
Official NEM Fitness Pro
Youtube: Ripped By Jules

ACE certified
Tread Tabata certified
Masters in Social Work
TRX certified
NCCPT certified weight management specialist
ACE certified in fitness nutrition.
Jules always played sports though wasn’t always an athlete until she found where were greatest strengths were: running, weight training and coaching. She also had a short career in the culinary arts before changing course and earning her MSW in 2005. Not too shortly thereafter, though, the lure of the fitness called again, and she returned to the health-world by getting her ACE certification in 2009. Jules resides in the Boston area — she is a No Excuse mother of two, licensed clinical social worker, avid runner/fitness freak and made her vision come true when she started her own personal training company, Ripped by Jules in 2013.
To Book a One Hour Session for $55 are 6 sessions for $300, click here. Note that you are a NEM and receive 10% discount!
HIlary Herndon
Official NEM Fitness Pro
FB Page: hilaryherndonfitness
Instagram: hilaryherndon
NASM certified
ACE certified
USA Olympic Weightlifting certified
Hilary Herndon has been in the fitness industry for 16 years. She was a competitive gymnast, pole vaulter and heptathlete. She was a fitness manager at 24hr Fitness and an instructor to new personal trainers at Bryan College. Today she is blessed to volunteer teaching women’s wellness courses and creating workout programs in small group training platforms. She is excited to welcome her first child in 2018.

Whitney Raybould
Official NEM Fitness Pro
Instagram: @body_by_whitney
Bachelors Exercise + Health Science
-emphasis in Nutrition
AFAA Group Fitness Instructor
Whitney started her fitness journey in her teens, playing sports, dancing and killin’ it at Tae Bo. She took her passion to college where she studied all things Health, Nutrition and dove into understanding the science behind the body’s ability to exercise, build muscle and change.  Then came two daughters and with them, the new challenge of depression and anxiety.  Whitney has spent the last 9 years working to understand Postpartum Depression, Anxiety, recovery, coping skills, self love, self worthiness and how that can all be tied into taking care of our bodies.  She believes physical fitness is just the first step in taking care of ourselves and in turn as we learn how to take care of ourselves we become better caregivers to those around us.
Whitney offers one on one coaching and personal training with daily check in’s and weekly phone calls.  Our goals are to teach you enough about yourself in order to create a path to long term emotional, mental and physical health.  She believes every person is worthy of happiness, positive self worth and taking the time and energy to better themselves.   She has written a 12 Week Training Guide focused on creating a high calorie burn to see results quickly that is as challenging as it is fun to do. She also writes custom training programs if you have specific training goals.  Use code NEM to receive 10% off her 12 Week training guide, custom personal training programs and One on One Health and Lifestyle Coaching.


Felicia Newell
Official NEM Nutritionist
Bsc Applied Human Nutrition (AHN)
MSc AHN(c)
Certified Nutritionist
Advanced Food Safety Certification
Dietitians of Canada Dysphagia Management Certification
Dietitians of Canada Critical Care Nutrition Certification

Felicia is a Registered Dietitian, Sport Nutritionist, Food and Nutrition Expert, Health Coach, and a busy mom of 4 boys under 7! She is also the owner of Sustain Nutrition. Felicia wears many hats, and knows what it is like to try and live healthy in a busy world, where our environments aren’t always supportive of making healthy choices. Felicia is passionate in helping others fight through the massive amounts of nutrition misinformation in the online world, and to navigate life and health, but most importantly, to enjoy it while doing it.
She has over 11 years of education and experience in Nutritional Sciences. Between completing her Bachelor and Masters in Nutritional Sciences, working at a research center, teaching university courses, years of nutrition counseling helping people crush their goals, and being a busy mom of 4 young boys, she has the passion, skills, education, and experience to help answer your nutrition-related questions.
Felicia offers 4-12 week customization Nutrition programs. Use the promo code NEM25 for 25% off! Click here to see her store. All counseling programs include a customized meal guide (breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks), calculation of Total Estimated Energy Expenditure (daily caloric requirements to reach your goals), continuous one-on-one counseling and support, recipes, progress assessments and plan adjustments (if necessary), and more.

Hilary Downey

Facebook group: Prep & Pep
Facebook business page: Prep & Pep, LLC
Instagram: HilaryPrepandPep
Snapchat: HilaryHogs
Pinterest: HilaryPrepandPep
B.S. in Psychology, AGD (Spring 2019)
B.S. in Dietetics/Nutrition, AGD (Spring 2019)
Hilary Downey is a wife and mom to two toddler boys.She is a double major currently obtaining her B.S. in Nutrition/Dietetics and Psychology at the University of Central Arkansas. As a member of the Student Dietetic Association, she takes advantage of volunteer opportunities within her community. She holds an officer position (Student Liaison) for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is the owner and nutritionist at Prep & Pep, LLC, where she works exclusively with women. Hilary states: “My most valid experience yet? I’ve been there. I was overweight, suffered from low-energy, had an unhealthy relationship with food, and did not known where to begin. “Therefore, I feel I am capable of helping other women in their journey to better health.” Can it be changed to “I have helped many women lose weight and keep it off, while developing new habits and a positive relationship with food.”
She offers 6, 12, and 24 week nutrition coaching plans that include individualized calorie and macronutrient calculations, nutrition counseling and education, implementation of behavior change through goal setting, and around the clock support.there is a 10% discount to NEMs.