Do “the vanessa!” for a FREE year of workouts!

Our NEM National Fitness Pro, Vanessa Campos, has a gift for all No Excuse Moms. Someone kindly donated a years free of online classes and is gifting it to the lucky person who:

– performs “the vanessa workout” and uploads online

– hashtags #vcnfitness and #noexcusemom (on Facebook and Instagram)

– posts why she would like to win the following prizes:a free year of online classes, a signed (by Maria Kang 2015 Fit Mom Swimsuit Calendar and our brand new NEM car decal!

Join in on the fun! Last date to post your video is January 25th. Winner is announced February 1st!!!

“The Vanessa Workout”
1. Start in a standing position
2. Walk out into a plank
3. Perform one pushup
4. Tap shoulders 4 times
5. Drop to a superman
6. Perform a negative pushup
7. Walk back into standing position
8. Say, “I’m a No Excuse Mom!”



5 Replies to “Do “the vanessa!” for a FREE year of workouts!”

  1. I would like the NEM package because I am a single mom of two that works two jobs. I am on a budget as well as time constraint and need accountability. thanks

  2. I would love to have the years worth of workouts. It would be very motivating Where I live we don’t have a NEM group

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