NEM December Fitness Challenge

December is one of the toughest months to stay health-minded, especially when there are loads of parties, baked goods and treats everywhere! Our best advice for our No Excuse Moms is to not be too restrictive. Enjoy yourself! Indulge a little – but don’t go overboard. Stay active and maintain your workout schedule despite how crazy your life might become. Remember, we want to start the New Year feeling good! We don’t want to attend holiday parties obsessed about food or feeling bloated from bingeing on sugary and fatty foods days before. Life is to be enjoyed but do everything in moderation!
With that said, welcome our December #FINISHSTRONG2016 challenge! The goal is to keep you accountable online and to maintain a fitness-minded attitude throughout the season. Here are the rules:
1) Post this calendar below on your personal/public social media page (it could be IG or FB). This is so others will hold you accountable, perhaps join in with you (support is always key) and we know you are IN!! You can download it also
2) Once December hits TRY to post daily. Now I know it won’t be easy, but you will only get ONE credit/raffle entry for each day you post! So the more the merrier.
3) Every time you post either on our main/local NEM pages or your personal/public pages (wherever you feel most comfortable! OR you can do a mix of both!) you must hashtag #finishstrong2016 AND #noexcusemom (we want to be able to easily search each other for inspiration!)
4) Once December is completed (wooohooo!) send us an email at with your social media account name and #of times you posted! (we will check!) Also, I hear many local city groups are also joining in on the fun and adding their own prizes to this challenge so don’t forget to FIND YOUR CITY and join their page! You MUST send us the email BY JAN 3rd!
5) We will raffle 5 people to enjoy some prizes from our NEM store on January 6th! It will be a LIVE video at 10amPST so tune in!!!