Dear NEM Leaders…

Today someone quit being a NEM Leader.
It was hard hearing the news because she exemplified the endearing, inspirational and charismatic qualities most leaders have. She had an incredible weight loss story and co-led a large city hosting hundreds of members.
She was frustrated by the constant excuses. I totally get it. Which is why I firmly asked years ago, “What’s Your Excuse?
Like her, I have also sat in a park with my children in tow waiting for 20 minutes for someone to show. I have posted weekend events, received several RSVPs, only to get cancellations at the very last minute. Since I started my first group in 2009, it’s been a series of ups and downs, laughs and irritations, motivation and failure…
I want to tell our leaders to not take it personally. That what you do is appreciated. That you are making a difference whether you know it or not.
But I know it’s hard to hear.
It’s hard to hear when you base your success off attendance. After all, how successful do you feel when you have hundreds of members and only a loyal 3 show up weekly?
Like looking at the scale after weeks of dieting, it’s not often recommended to base your progress from a number on a plastic machine. When you see the unmoving numbers you don’t see how many healthier meals you’ve eaten, how much more water you’ve consumed, how many workouts you completed and how many times you followed through even though you were tired, stressed, depressed and unmotivated.
Despite the attendance, it doesn’t take away from the moment you enthusiastically committed to becoming a leader, to promote a healthier community for your city and your family. It doesn’t take away your discipline to show up weekly and often times still workout, while your child watches and performs planks with you. It took courage to start a local NEM group. It took persistence to get it going. It took patience to watch it grow…and it will take commitment to see it through.
Don’t let any number take away what you gained in the process of stepping outside your comfort zone and doing something less than 5% of the population can do. Because let’s face it. Most people are not leaders. Most people are not healthy. Most people do not live an active lifestyle. So most people will not show up – even when they say they will.
I’ve always loved the phrase, “it’s not a matter of if, but when.” After all, it’s only a matter of time when people start to take care of the only thing they own in this world – which is their body. It’s only a matter of time when their clothes don’t fit, when their body aches, when their strength weakens and their confidence decreases. When they are ready, they will decide to show.
Until then, there’s a lot of excuses to overcome.
Yep. We’re back to that word. Excuses.
As a No Excuse Mom group, it seems there’s a lot of excuses why there’s little group engagement. Is it time? Is it content? Is it location? Is it you???
I am thankful for you and whether your members express it or not, they are too. You’re their leader. How do you do it all? With kids, often times work, a husband and extracurricular obligations – HOW? How do you stay so motivated? How do you maintain your fitness, stay so positive and show up week after week? Do you ever get tired? Do you ever not want to workout? Do you ever feel like quitting? Because there you are – posting week after week – smiling at the park, posting an encouraging workout and exemplifying what many moms hope to be.
You are not just a hero in your home, you represent hope for so many moms. YOU are their constant. Please don’t give up – you are the change we want to see in this world!
Thank you No Excuse Mom Leaders. I know this effort isn’t easy. I know you have a thousand things on your plate and yet you prioritize your group. It’s become a part of your weekly schedule. It’s become a part of your child’s life. It’s become a part of your city’s events.
It’s become a part of you.
YOU are a No Excuse Mom.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.